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What Should Black Republicans Ask For?

In Articles on June 3, 2012 at 12:31 am

Lenny McAllister

CHICAGO, IL (May 25, 2012) – The past 7 days brought forth the Republican presidential nominee’s biggest African American campaign hire and the largest collection of conservative African American speakers at one event in recent memory. While that’s fine and all, the questions remain prevalent: what should Black Republicans politically ask for and demand moving forward – and why does it matter to you?

These past 7 days have brought Black Republicans back into the front lines of political thought for a bevy of reasons.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney recently hired conservative pundit Tara Wall as a senior communications adviser for coalitions outreach. This came during the same week that Mr. Romney took the opportunity to visit West Philadelphia in an effort to bolster his support for extending school choice and educational reform as part of his platform, calling those issues “…the civil rights issue of our time…”

During the same week, the largest collection of Black conservative speakers to ever address a rally together spent the day down in rural Missouri to present an array of perspectives on Black conservatism, shining a diversity that shared ties with both the modern-day conservative movement and the historical obligations to Black America. After 4 years of having the first Black president in office, conservatives gathered a collection of Black thought leaders of the political right that included two former presidential candidates, authors, and other noted figures.

In Chicago, I sat with host Marc Lamont Hill on the set of “Our World with Black Enterprise” along with other Black Republicans. Over the course of the segment (tentatively set to air June 2nd-3rd), the four of us probed the issues facing the nation through the prism of Black conservatism.

Yet, I find myself coming back to the conversation on “The Intersection” hosted by Jeff Johnson last weekend. While I sat there as part of an intriguing debate with Roland Martin, Jeff Johnson, Elsa M. and callers, the question was brought up: what do you want specifically from these presidential candidates?

With all of the focus on Black Republicans this past week, this morphed into a larger, more pressing set of questions:

What do Black Republicans want? What should we require of the Republican Party moving forward in 2012? What should we stand for to benefit Black children and our communities? And what relationships should we demand between Black conservatives and the Black community at this point?

Catch more of Lenny McAllister’s “What Should Black Republicans Ask For?” on Politic365.

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