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Lenny McAllister at Rally for Common Sense 2012

In Speeches, Video on June 10, 2012 at 10:22 pm

Lenny McAllister delivering his remarks at the Rally for Common Sense in Missouri (photo courtesy of

HOLTS SUMMIT, MO (May 19, 2012) – Politic365 Senior Contributor Lenny McAllister speaks at the Rally for Common Sense 2012 event in Holts Summit, Missouri as part of an event that included former presidential candidates Herman Cain and Alan Keyes. Lenny’s 17-minute address (seen in high-resolution by clicking the picture above or clicking HERE) stood out among one that encouraged the audience to take conservative principles to “those that need it the most…those that need US the most”, straying away from typical conservative talking points. Lenny’s eloquence, class, and candor made him a favorite of the 1500 ticket holders for the event as an example of 21st century conservatism expanding to new audiences with new solutions and partnerships in tow.

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