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Will Black America Go West or Fall Further South?

In Articles on June 22, 2012 at 8:26 am

Black Republicans such as Congressman Allen West (R-FL) are taking up the cause of conservatism and actively applying it to issues in the Black community. Is this enough to finally begin partnerships between Blacks and the GOP?

Congressman Allen West’s latest Black conservative forum forces Black America to ask: is the opposition to Black Republicans based on current needs or past expectations?


Not long into the latest edition of the Black Conservative Forum hosted by Congressman Allen West (R-FL), the question that has become increasingly louder in Black America is a simple one:

If Black Republicans – the scorn of Black America and the oft-described sell-outs amongst us – are actively discussing and pursuing economic development solutions for struggling Black communities, are they beginning to do enough to lift the cloud of distrust most have towards them?

It may be a question without a full answer for months, if not years, to come. Yet, it is a question being asked with stronger resonance now than over the past several decades.

With the conversions of several high-profile former Democrats over to the GOP within the past few years (including former Obama supporter and Alabama congressman Artur Davis) and the increased presence of Black Republicans in conversations that impact Black America in all areas, the perception that Black Republicans are unwilling to meet other African Americans where they are currently is no longer the reality. The frequency of these discussions, along with the overall tone of the rhetoric, is shifting towards a point where more Black people have discarded the awkwardness that comes with acknowledging and addressing the conservative force that is growing within our communities.

Without successful Black Republicans in the political, media, business, and civic realms taking Black America’s issues to the national forefront, there is little changing political willpower on Capitol Hill or within today’s partisan structures that force a higher level of accountability. Regardless of whether Black America admits it now or in the near future, it behooves them if Congressman West and others continue the charge of addressing issues that hamper Black America. Whether they approach the issues with far right-wing initiatives or bi-partisan proposals is vaguely important in comparison to the overall effort and significance.

If the emergence of a Black president, Black governors, Black mayors, and countless Black city officials – all under the same political party – is not enough to ebb the troubling trends we face as a people, the only other option appears to follow the path that West and others are blazing so that, at the very least, the paradigm shifts.


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