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Empowerment through economic competition and thoughtfulness. Revitalization through economic Darwinism within a marketplace. Prosperity expansion through creating wealth. This may be part of the Black agenda within Chicago but it fits into the scope of the free market principles that we purport for the advancement of the American people, not just Black people.

This example is one of many that show that, simply, our principles are above race and religion. They are American. They are timeless. And, when applied – they work.

Yet, in a culture that fears competition and fails to optimize our capitalistic message and meaning, our fight is more than just with policy positions. In the American society of today where bad-mouthing of our values – values that have empowered the poor around the world like never before in history – cannot be overcome because our focus is too much on articulating bullet points within our conservative movement, not foundational flaws that are uprooting the American Way of Life, we must change our perspective on what is truly going on in America.

Because some have allowed a fear to compete as Americans in schools and in business…in public discourse and in public service…to impede our advancement as a nation…we are forced to fight a cultural war through each individual political battle we take on.

Because we are falling short as free-market advocates to thoroughly pinpoint and explain the benefits of our vision and knowledge of capitalism and how it helps bankers and brick-layers alike…we are forced to fight a cultural war through each individual political battle we take on today.

That understanding is what I want us to take from these remarks and from this weekend: an understanding that in order to win the policy debates in today’s America, we must foster a renewed passion to compete as Americans in order to discover the best around us and the best within us. As free market thinkers, we must present the merits of competition of choice in our schools, competition of products in our economic marketplaces, and the competition of ideas in the annuls of government at all levels. Without reclaiming the cultural war on the merits, we can never win the worthy battles that the policy wonks, the numbers-crunchers, and the one-issue wonders specialize in on our behalf.

Our understanding must be that for our successful system of capitalism to flourish to new heights in modern-day America, we must articulate and demystify our free market constructs to new audiences and constituencies, especially once we find out that they are aspiring to be like us without embracing the potential held in partnerships with us. Usually, without the conservative touch, the best intentions of liberals become government’s most expensive-laid plans. With our perspective appropriately and proficiently implemented, the political specialists at the grassroots and professional levels become fully empowered to keep us on the proper course.”


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