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In the Era of Honey Boo Boo, Could Conservatives Still be Touched By an Angel in Primetime?

In Articles on September 30, 2012 at 10:32 am

In the era of cutting-edge reality shows, could Monica and Tess survive in primetime the same way that brass youngsters and dating shows do?

The more liberally-tolerant we are asked to be on mainstream television, the less we see of tolerance towards traditional values in non-news programming.


“Modern Family” once again won the Emmy for Best Comedy Series. After 31 nominations over3 years, it is clear that the well-written series deserves its place in the lineup. The show’s stance as a primetime example of modern-day tolerance towards gay couples is an after thought. After all, the show’s pretty darn funny.

“George Lopez” broke ground a decade ago on network television with its sitcom. Today, the show dominates the Nick-At-Nite lineup, coming into the lives of millions of viewers that missed the first run of the series years ago. Of course, the fact that they were Latinos was a noteworthy item when the series started, a focal point that was lost on its beloved audience after the first side-splitting laughs.

From the reality show perspective, the roof always seems to be raised, even as the standards seem to continue to drop. From Flavor of Love to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, there seems to be a bevy of shows that entertainment, break social mores, and approach the issue of tolerance. There are shows about the supernatural evils of big money, gruesome fairy tales, political murder, and vampires.

I looked at today’s lineup and asked myself: where are the mainstream shows that conservatives could feel good about today? Aside from Fox News, where are the non-political shows (notably in the primetime schedule on network or cable) that Christian conservatives could enjoy?

After a throwback TV night on GMC, I wonder aloud if America is tolerant enough to have another show like Touched by An Angel, a popular regular series that actively and openly talks about God, morality, and Christian values. We pride ourselves as a nation to be able to view progressive-leaning programming in the mainstream. We uphold our ability to broadcast Muslim-cast reality series and shows with gay lead characters alike with a sense of pride in our social advancement. Yet, even as we move down that path, have we gotten to a point where a show like Touched by An Angel would be seen as “too Christian” for our television sets in today’s primetime schedule? Would sponsors and viewers see the value in such a sappy but quality Christian conservative show as they did for nearly a decade?

If not, what does that say about us as a nation?

People consider conservatives to be off the rails whenever Christians claim that religious freedoms are extended to non-Christian believers and agnostics faster (through lawsuits and the like) than they are to Christians in our society nowadays. A brief look at our entertainment landscape may show otherwise, however. In a land where anyone or anything has been capable of making money and having their “15 minutes of fame”, why does it seem as though the Christian conservative perspective (even the most benign of viewpoints within that realm) is being written off, more often than not, as being too radical for modern mainstream America?

When some conservatives talk about taking back America to a better time, perhaps they are referring to an era such as a few short years ago, a time when God can be discussed on network television on a weekly basis from a Christian perspective without scores of protests or mounds of legislation being filed. If so, I concur. I miss an America that allows for young people and families to experience entertainment in mainstream entertainment where Christian perspectives are not rejected, but embraced. Despite the successes of projects such as the Left Behind series and Fireproof, it is sad that in a nation where Christian values played a role in multiple events that shaped our landscape (from the abolition of slavery to the 20th century civil rights movement), the comfort level that Christianity enjoys in the mainstream media, world of entertainment, and national conversation continues to diminish. Even throughout our capitalistic past, Americans have found a way to make money in the entertainment world through the advancement of Christian stories in the mainstream, from Christmas specials that fearlessly mentioned Christ  to borrowing Christian themes for modern cinematic classics. Yet now, the most congenial of Christianity in much of America is often relegated to the also-ran channels of cable lineups and genre-specific providers. Our society is progressive enough these days to include in our entertainment families headed by gay couples, abortion-based show themes, and politically-charged story arcs. However, we seem to have progressed past the point of including the God of our American forefathers – the same God that President Lincoln embraced during the Civil War and Southern Baptists embraced while facing down Jim Crow. It might be nice if we can regress our entertainment clocks back just a little bit if that means that we can get a little more God into our secular lives through our television and other forms of mainstream entertainment. In order to stop incurring so many boo boos during these turbulent times, perhaps it is high time to get back to putting a few more angels in our programming.

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From Ratibirds to Republican Opponents: The Right Way to “Hate” an Archrival

In Articles on September 30, 2012 at 9:30 am

As much as arch-rivals may hate each other, a healthy dose of respect for each other ups the levels of strategy, execution, and results for participants and viewers alike. It is a lesson that Republicans should apply to the 2012 election over the last 5 weeks.


It might help Governor Romney in Pennsylvania and in the battleground states to take some NFL advice from Steelers Nation.


The NFL season is a great time to bring out the best in Americans. We are passionate about our football. We love our teams. It exudes a lot of pride in our cities (or hometowns) and the past victories (in the case of Steelers Nation, 6 Super Bowl victories) that come with rooting for the great football team.


There is also a lot to learn about sports and competition, even in the nuances of the game.


Those paying attention can learn about valuing respect over hate. They can learn about sticking with a game plan instead of acting out of desperation. They can learn about late-minute victories and avoiding blow-outs with costly mistakes.


If the Romney campaign is looking for a little inspiration and notes for how to approach the final five weeks of the election in order to capture victory at this late moment of the game, they could look to the most passionate rivalry in the NFL.




Steelers Nation and the Pittsburgh Steelers team organization may not hate the Ravens, but they certainly strongly dislike them. Both teams have had their share of stinging victories over the other (although the Ravens have yet to win a playoff game against their avowed archrival). Yet, through all of the hard hits and talking trash, there is always an underlining principle that makes the confrontations great ones that benefit the teams and the NFL alike: a healthy amount of genuine respect for each other’s talents and accomplishments – just enough to temper zeal with rationale.


The Romney campaign needs to find the same towards President Obama if Governor Romney’s likeability numbers and polling results in key battleground states are going to turn around throughout the last 5 weeks.


Governor Romney’s best bet for convincing the small amount of 2008 Obama voters to side with him will be for the campaign tone to go back to showing respect for the president personally, but the need for a change from the president next term. That is much of what the nation is again experiencing from the Romney-Ryan messaging over the past few days. It is a sound strategy. Every time the Republican presidential ticket gets caught up in the overzealous, over-emotional attacks on President Obama in a narrow fashion (e.g., one that focuses on urban myth or questionable tactics), the polling numbers go down, leaving the GOP playing catch-up. In this race, every moment where Republicans are playing catch up in a climate where the economy is risking another recession, the Obama team feels more confident about victory, regardless of their own performance.


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WATCH: Should the GOP Start Supporting Todd Akin? (Lenny McAllister on HuffPost Live)

In Video on September 29, 2012 at 9:06 am

Republican commentator and strategist Lenny McAllister speaks to host Abby Huntsman about the Missouri US Senate race during another passionate segment on HuffPost Live (September 28, 2012)

From HuffPost Live

NEW YORK CITY (September 28, 2012): GOP senators who once called for US Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) to step down from the contested US Senate race in Missouri are now supporting his Senate run. Are conservatives favoring ideology over character? Are there some things more important to politicians than political wins in November?

Catch Lenny McAllister in this segment that originally aired on September 28, 2012 on HuffPost Live.  The segment was hosted by Abby Huntsman

GUESTS included:

  • Lenny McAllister (Washington) – Republican Strategist and Author @Lennymcallister
  • Rebecca Berg (on set) –  Congressional Report, Buzzfeed
  • Frank Turk (Little Rock, Arkansas) – Conservative Evangelical Christian @frank_turk
  • Mike Dominguez (Austin, Texas) – Director of Special Projects, Travis County GOP @mikedatx

Watch the segment by clicking on the picture above or by visiting the HuffPost Live website by clicking HERE


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6 Months Later, Are You Still Working for #Justice4Trayvon

In Articles on September 28, 2012 at 2:09 pm

At the end of 2012, do we as a nation still have the same zeal and activism in play to correct the social, political, and civic wrongs that we faced through the conversations surrounding the Trayvon Martin tragedy?

Six months after the eruption of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, are you still wearing your hoodie?


It is a simple question with a powerful message behind it:


Are you still wearing your hoodie?


It has been six months since the height of the outrage behind the Trayvon Martin killing and the on-again, off-again nature of arresting George Zimmerman.  It has been six months since President Obama was pressed into making a comment on the tragedy. It has been six months since former Republican presidential candidates such as Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum criticized Mr. Obama on his “race-baiting” comments (of course, after controversial “race-baiting” comments of their own).  It has been six months since the Rev. Al Sharpton led protests down in Florida, much to the chagrin of conservatives nationally. It has been six months since some Black Republicans articulated why more Republicans and conservatives must get involved consistently and appropriately in the struggle for civil rights (especially for minorities) if they are going to shed the label of racist and the influence of the left over a growing voting bloc.


Yet, all of it is in vain if, in spirit, you are not still involved.


Proverbially-speaking, are you still wearing your hoodie?


Minorities in America have faced a growing slew of issues over these past six months. The Pennsylvania Voter ID law that has become a national fixation (and quite possibly struck-down law due to its implementation) was passed in March. The explosion of youth violence and death in Chicago took fire in the spring. Black unemployment officially remains over 14% nationally, with unofficial numbers towering over that rate for Black youth and other eligible Black workers in urban communities. The Supreme Court has ruled on Arizona’s SB 1070. President Obama has handed down an executive order this summer impacting droves of Latinos living in America. We have seen some speak out about the social conditions facing Black Americans and others, from the NAACP to pro-life advocates.


Yet, collectively in these critical political and social times, where are we? Do we still have our hoodies on?


Perhaps a better question is: do we still have our ears open and our thinking caps on?


The amount of activism surrounding the Trayvon Martin situation – and with it, the movement to learn the nuisances and inconsistent applications of “stand your ground” laws nationally – was supposed to spark young people and others to view the situation as a game-changing event. This was supposed to be the issue that sparked a movement of Americans (notably minorities and young people) to examine our collective involvement in the political and civic arenas and elevate our contributions, hoping to improve America in the process.


Well, have we?


Has the Trayvon Martin outrage towards the skewed prism of applying justice in America gone the way of the outrage towards the misogyny in our communities, highlighted by the 2011 gang rape of an 11-year-old girl in Texas? Were these stories sparks to push a movement or news stories that ginned up emotionalism without ongoing activism?


Has the activism around the Florida-based case been enough to get young people involved in the political process in 2012 with a full understanding that, through expressing their voices via suffrage, they impact races for district attorneys and sheriffs alike? Is the driving force from #Justice4Trayvon limited to misguided incidents of vigilante violence and voting for President Obama in order to “stick it to ‘The Man’”, or does it have a deeper understanding and obligation towards civic involvement that has taken root?


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Chicken Jobs or Just Scratch: The Ongoing Fight over Gay Marriage in Chicago

In Articles on September 28, 2012 at 1:57 pm

If Chicago communities are looking for good treats, tasty treats, and new jobs by way of Chick-fil-A franchises, they may be disappointed should the social stance that Alderman Joe Moreno (pictured left) is taking has anything to do with it.

In a bad economy and with a city in crisis, a Chicago alderman chooses to make gay marriage advocacy a priority over potential job creation.


In the ongoing game of chicken that pits Chick-fil-A against gay marriage advocates, it seems as though the only people that may get run over in Chicago are those looking for the economic benefits of a new establishment coming to town.


Granted, no one will ever confuse working for a fast food restaurant with a middle-class job. As well, bringing a fast food chain to a region may not yield the same type of economic boom as, say, Caterpillar does to East Peoria and other Illinois towns. However, in a state where the unemployment rate is a full percentage point higher than the national average of 8.1% and the unemployment rate in Chicago is also above the national average, jobs are a blessing. That is doubly so for a town ravaged by a wave of violence initiated by youth facing educational issues and urban plight. Anything that can be used to calm down the tension stoked up over the past year or so in the Windy City must be considered, encouraged, and leveraged by community leadership, especially those at the very top of government.


Yet, instead of tackling these current challenges, for some, it is more important to vet potential economic creators over a controversial issue that is not even legal in the state of Illinois.


Perspectives from all sides of the issue concerning the gay marriage argument have merit. Those viewpoints have come in from public officials, community activists, and media types alike. Yet, just as much as social issues have been driving the national conversation in this cantankerous election cycle, there is one issue that has been more of a firestorm-maker than all others: jobs.


When bringing the conversation back to jobs again, the stance of Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno comes across as that much more overzealous and inappropriate.


Although the state of Illinois formerly recognizes civil unions for same-sex couples and Chick-fil-A has clarified that they will not discriminate against any employee based on race, creed, or sexual orientation, Alderman Moreno seems to remain willing to hold up approval for the expansion of Chick-fil-A franchises into Chicago based on the company’s continued traditional marriage stance. His political posturing – seen as standing for social justice for a select few on a very controversial issue – does not stand for the greater good in the larger sense in light of the city’s collection of woes.


In a situation where gay couples already have civic protections under state law and community conditions warrant holistic civic victories, Moreno’s stance comes off as both politically selfish and constituently narrow.  Although the alderman primarily represents one district full of voters, his votes serve as one voice among the 50 most powerful voices in the nation’s third-largest city. As such, his obligation remains beholden to the greater good to the city concerning economic development and educational opportunities – potential avenues for the struggling classes of Chicago to utilize should Chick-fil-A come to town.


Moreno is playing chicken with the fast food franchise, leaving Chicago residents in the middle of the economic highway that has already been zooming by without them for years now. Instead of fighting for a greater sense of justice (i.e., economic justice and educational justice for Chicago communities), Moreno chooses to fight what he perceives to be illegal and oppressive social stances with a questionably un-American stance of his own. That is the greater and oft-overlooked tragedy. Perhaps it is honorable for the alderman to stand for what he believes. No one has a problem with Americans voicing their beliefs, even when dissenting views are juxtaposed. Yet, the paradox in this instance is clear: Moreno’s position to block Chick-fil-A’s expansion on the grounds of championing gay marriage civil rights comes with the caveat of Moreno actively blocking Dan Cathy’s constitutional rights via the First Amendment – namely, the right to free speech and freedom of religion – through discriminating against Cathy and his businesses through political means.


Let us be clear: being pro-traditional marriage does not necessarily translate into hating gay Americans, nor should it. As long as Cathy’s organization does not discriminate as an employer and does not propagate hate against a group of Americans, the overall benefits to the community must outweigh the social controversy when the Chick-fil-A expansion issue sits on the desk of a Chicago alderman. It is the same “greater good” argument that the Democrat-controlled Chicago City Council embraces whenever companies with controversial ties to Planned Parenthood (such as Whole Foods) seek to expand their businesses into Chicago neighborhoods (as is the case with the supermarket in the Hyde Park area).


Catch the whole article, “Chicken Jobs or Social Stances in Chicago?” on Politic365.

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LISTEN: Lenny McAllister on Radio New Zealand (Friday, September 28, 2012)

In Audio on September 27, 2012 at 8:33 pm

Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law remains before a state judge to determine its validity. Lenny McAllister speaks with Radio New Zealand Friday morning (in New Zealand) to discuss the impact of the current crop of voter ID laws nationally.

RADIO NEW ZEALAND (September 28, 2012): Political commentator and community advocate Lenny McAllister speaks to Geoff Robinson of Radio New Zealand’s Morning Reportabout the Pennsylvania voter ID law and the controversial wave of new laws that have hit the books in time for the 2012 general election. Catch the interview by clicking the picture above or by clicking HERE


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LISTEN: Lenny McAllister on “America’s Radio News Network”

In Audio on September 24, 2012 at 7:21 pm

Lenny McAllister discussed the prospects for the upcoming debates and the November election between Gov. Mitt Romney (l) and President Barack Obama on America’s Radio News Network September 24, 2012.


WASHINGTON, DC (September 24, 2012): Political commentator, noted public speaker, and author Lenny McAllister speaks with the crew at America’s Radio News Network concerning the latest in the 2012 presidential election and the prospects for the Romney campaign to get back on track through strong performances at the debates.


Click the picture above to listen to the segment or click HERE


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READ TRANSCRIPT: Lenny McAllister at Constitution Day 2012 (Illinois)

In Speeches on September 22, 2012 at 9:33 am

Noted public speaker Lenny McAllister (pictured here with Kellehers Irish Pub and Eatery owner and Illinois State Senate candidate Pat Sullivan) gave impromptu remarks to a crowded house as part of Constitution Day in downstate Illinois.

PEORIA, IL (September 17, 2012): Politic365 Senior Contributor and noted public speaker Lenny McAllister spoke at the Constitution Day 2012 event in downtown Peoria, IL. Despite weather factors inhibiting his ability to give prepared remarks, Lenny gave off-the-cuff remarks to a packed restaurant in an impromptu indoor rally to avoid the late summer storms.

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Lenny’s full prepared remarks can be read below:

“Good afternoon, Tea Party Patriots! Happy Constitution Day. What a day to celebrate triumph after toil!  What a day to embrace freedom after in-fighting!

What a day to remember that rich and poor, White and Black, upstate city folks and downstate grassroots Americans can work together – through passionate debate and the discomfort of social crisis – to make a plan that makes a better America.

We have seen this play out in the Constitution of this great land, from the original formation of the founding document to the Bill of Rights and to other amendments that protected freedom, God’s justice, and our American way of life.

Before I continue, I would be remiss not to give a few shout outs and thank yous. First, a big shout out to all of you.  I love you guys – and I love the great state of Illinois! I am so glad to be back here for a few days.  Thank you for having me here today.  I miss being here in the Land of Lincoln. Yet, I never forget you while I’m toiling for a better America while based in Washington DC.

A few more shout-outs and thank yous. Shout out and thanks to 1470 AM WMBD for having me on their airwaves twice this week. Thanks to Wayne and the Hot Finance Lady for having me on for a fun show yesterday. Thanks to Scott Robbins for another delightful time on his show earlier today. A special shout-out and thank you to my friend and fellow Christian conservative Sheila Devall. Like you, she understands that the heights of government mean nothing if they cannot heed the voice of the grassroots that form the foundation of this nation. Sheila, thanks for being a friend, thanks for having me back here in Peoria despite my recent move to the nation’s capital. I really do appreciate it.

I want to say thank you to a few groups as well. Thank you to Move On, the conservative-based group out of St. Louis. They will be hosting a fundraiser in Washington DC this Wednesday that will feature Congressman Allen West and several other prominent members within the political forum. Check out their website when you get a chance.  I also want to shout-out organizations such as Don’t Shoot Peoria. Like other communities across the nation, this area is facing a crisis of unnecessary death and terror at the hands of urban violence. It is up to us as conservatives to protect the rights defended in the 2nd Amendment yet also defend the rights discussed in the Declaration of Independence: those rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That only comes with a strong defense of our constitutional rights and strong advocacy for safe schools and neighborhoods. Therefore, I commend organizations and citizens that understand this gentle but necessary balance of freedom and how it works for the sake of a stronger, safer nation.

I would fail the essence of today if I did not encourage us all to say thank you to the thousands of men and women…home and aboard…past and present…that have defended our Constitution by giving their time, resources, intellect, blood, sweat, tears…and sometimes even their very lives. From slain abolitionists to fallen ambassadors…on Constitution Day…we humbly say thank you.

Also, I would be remiss as a father and a husband if I did not acknowledge my ace – my wife Lannie, for her constant encouragement and love. Thank you Alicia and Peace – my two older children – for understanding the challenges and sacrifices they make in supporting my efforts as a humble, servant leader in a toxic political and social time. And thanks to my 2-year-old Neilan for simply being lovable.

We are here today to celebrate the greatness of the United States Constitution, a document that is held in much esteem throughout our land and modeled after – in some regards – by striving democracies throughout the world. Today is a day when our celebration and pride beams from being part of a history that encapsulates the best of freedom and advancement that the earth has ever seen. Yet, it is a day that calls for us to be true to the honesty of our history. It is a day that calls for us to be courageous, not complacent. It is a day for us to claim our humanity, even as we embrace our patriotism. Today is not the day to scrub clean the history surrounding the formation, passage, and amending of the Constitution. Swiping away the flaws from our nation’s forefathers ongoing search for a More Perfect Union only robs us of clues for navigating the flaws of today to establish a more prosperous and righteous nation in the days ahead.

In the 1700s, nation building was not easy work. It was not for the faint of heart. It was only for those willing to sacrifice any and all things necessary to form that more Perfect Union. They angered a king. They took on the empire of the world at that time. Yet, they envisioned a better future for themselves – and after tough times and bitter battles – Americans pressed onward.

In the 1800s, nation saving was not easy work. It was not for those sitting on the sidelines or afraid to fight for the concept of freedom and the continuation of these United States. There was a battle of ideas. There were battles between cousins. There was both liberation and loss of life among thousands of Black slaves. There were acts of treason and an act of assassination. Yet, they envisioned a stronger nation, a bolstered Constitution, and a land full of potential. After tough times and bitter battles – Americans pressed onward.

In the 20th century, nation elevation was not easy work. It was not for those that thought claiming the status of city on a hill included watching cities burn down in Oklahoma and throughout the south over racism or watching furnaces burn in concentration camps throughout Europe. There were confrontations with terrorists both domestic and abroad.

There were times when we stood our Constitution and the American Way of Life up against the Nazi Vision, the Soviet Bloc, and the  Invisible Empire. The Constitution and its values – our values – battled toe-to-toe with ideologies. It went back and forth with statesmen and citizens alike because there is unlimited potential in liberating people from oppression both at home and abroad from unjust laws and unruly political systems. After tough times and bitter battles – Americans and lovers of freedom everywhere pressed onward.

And now, in this election year of 2012, when the distractions of political campaigns and social issues and super PAC advertisements are swirling around you faster than the newest crop of reality shows, we have work to do, particularly as we celebrate Constitution Day today. Nation RE-building in America today – as was the case with nation building, nation saving, and nation elevation – is not easy work. It is not for the faint of heart. It is not for those that seek to sit on the sidelines and hope for the best. It is not for those that love this country, but do not love it enough to live as an empowered, inspired, and active citizen of this country.  It is an active lifestyle, not a spectator sport.

Constitution Day is not a day to merely celebrate the framers of our founding document. It is not a day to merely wave flags or debate the intent of obscure details of the Constitutional Convention or the subsequent language within the founding papers.   Today is a day to remember the toils of the past that worked to shape, mold, amend, and strengthen the Constitution for the sake of a better America. Today is a day to remember that in our modern times, we have to choose this moment to embrace the spirit and longevity of the Constitution in order to rebuild the greatness of these United States – from the grassroots to the general assemblies throughout the land. We choose this moment to do so by way of the enduring principles that inspired our founding document and its amendments. Celebrating the Constitution today prompts us to accept the challenge of nation rebuilding for tomorrow…and ladies and gentlemen…my fellow Americans…nation rebuilding….as was the case with nation building, nation saving, and nation elevation in previous eras …is not for the faint of heart. Yet, it is for us to take on today to press America onward.

Those honored through acknowledging the Constitution today were people that understood the contemporary times in which they lived and the challenges that came with them. Today, we are called and inspired to take up their example.

As with times before, we Americans are facing a bevy of battles before us. We face the onslaught of big government thinking and coddling at the risk of watching the sunset of individual freedoms. We face the abolishment of the melting pot of America as we devolve back to judging each other based on stereotypes, hiring employees based on irrelevant and unjust factors, and personal merit based on culture, not content of character. We face the abyss of permanent fiscal sloth through the works of failing leadership and values, political selfishness, socioeconomic class animosity, and patriotism of convenience.  As with eras from the past, it is time for us in this moment to press our fellow Americans onward through the embodiment and meaning found within the Constitution – from the Bill of Rights to subsequent, liberating amendments.

With complex documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution, we can find simple yet profound principles that made the United States of America great, even as our history of imperfect people always continued the ongoing search for a more Perfect Union.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all humans are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”

“We the People  of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility… and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our descendents…”

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances….”

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race…and it shall not be denied or abridged…on account of sex…”

Complex documents written by lawyers and statesmen, wealthy men and historic figures. Yet, they were flawed human beings, pushed through conflict and dissension, anger and indignation,  by grassroots Americans such as yourselves here today – all for the sake of procuring that more Perfect Union to press Americans onward.

The beauty in the history of our Constitution is the simplistic premise that it symbolizes. It protects the citizen from an expansion of government that would work to limit the freedoms of the individual. The spirit embodied in the Constitution  always resonated that understanding – from the days immediately after fending off the tyranny of the King of England to the days of beating back the evil expansion of government known in the American South as Jim Crow.

Americans have always understood and taken on the battle that we face today: the battle of big government expansion of power versus individual liberty and limitless potential.

As a nation, we have always understood that smaller government that restraints the threat to liberty that big government creates is the pathway to empowering the most prosperous, diverse, innovative, and complete nation that the world has ever seen.

Smaller government and bigger people…an appropriate role of government and a larger role for Americans to forge a better future for us all….is the best way for our nation – and the only just way to rebuild this great land from Peoria to Pittsburgh, Harlem to Hollywood.

Yet, we see that the haughtiness of modern-day, big government politics has had a toxic impact on the fabric of our nation. We have seen the detachment of policies and politicians alike rip the nation at the seams through rhetoric and overreaching laws.

There’s an erroneous belief that government knows what’s best in all situations, from the passage of a healthcare law that compels the American people to involuntarily buy a product for the first time in American history…to the passage of a new health-related law in New York that compels Americans to not buy a product (not more than 16 ounces as a time, mind you).

It all yields the same result: we get to see the erosion of the mindset of American freedom right before our very eyes.

Big government can force us to drink pop and other carbonated drinks at only 16 ounces at a time if you live in New York City these days. Yet, it cannot force the nation to be healthier as a result. In fact, in the end, the reverse may be true. The movement of big government to mandate such a well-intended but improper directive from on high is a feeble notion that weakens the constitution of a people. It removes the sugar tooth of dietary intake and replaces it with cancers to self-accountability, self-reliance, self-determination, self-evaluation, self-improvement, and self-respect. Health is an internal essence, not a government commodity. A “one size fits all” way of advancing forward as Americans is not the best way to press onward as a better America. It is merely being progressive.

Big government can force us to not discriminate against other Americans based on race, gender, or cultural differences, but it cannot force us to heal as a nation through our diversity. For example, Tea Party members in Peoria and throughout Illinois have reached out repeatedly to members on different sides of political issues, hoping to prove through intent and action that political differences are not racial differences or differences in desired results. All sides want better schools. All sides want higher-skilled youth. All sides want safer communities. All sides want better jobs and self-perpetuating prosperity for years to come throughout all American communities.  At times, the spirit of our Constitution – from disagreeing with each other through free speech to our Amendments protecting freedom across diversity – has been embraced. Tea Partiers and other community activists have sat down in shared dialogue and activism with each other as Americans. At other times, these opportunities have been needlessly rejected, either in a closed-minded fashion or an oversight of historical obligation. It is my hope and expressed desire that those in Peoria, those within our beloved Illinois, and those throughout the nation’s communities will be courageous and loving enough to understand the spirit of the Constitution and take a stance of hope and courage. I envision a time when they all will embrace the mantra of the bigger role of everyday people. Then, we all can take a larger role of individual responsibility to head off this looming social crisis amongst us, even as we collectively work to fend off the looming economic crisis we continue to wade through.

Take heed, my fellow Americans, and take courage, for nation rebuilding – as with framing our Constitution and upholding its principles therein –  is not for the faint of heart.

Big government provides the promise and image of protection. That was the promise given by Nazi Germany. That was the promise given by the USSR. It is the promise given by communist China and embargoed Cuba. Yet, their governments ensnared their people. Our Constitution provides us protection – from big government, domestic foes to liberty, and geopolitical threats to civility and justice. It also provides us the empowerment necessary to make changes to protect liberty in an ever-changing nation without compromising or changing our definitions of American Exceptionalism, the American Dream, or the American Way of Life.  Through that protection and empowerment, it is vital that we beat back the threat of big government against our economic survival and individual freedoms.

It is necessary that we confront the ideologies that fit politicians and favored special interest groups instead of favoring the diversity and potential of this immense and limitless nation. It is unavoidable that, together, we face down the fears within ourselves to sidestep the obligation we have to individual liberty in all facets of our lives – from reforming our politics in America to reviving the best methods to empower struggling communities throughout America. Our Constitution is a unique tool that embraces the most diverse population of the world, protects its citizens against suppression of their voices and their votes, and empowers us past the limits of prohibitive government. Through it, we can rebuild our nation and take America to another level of esteemed greatness for the rest of this century.

Yet, it will take us working and fighting for all of the right reasons, with love for our countrymen and insightful approaches to our endeavors. We must be passionate and prudent, courageous yet conscientious, for nation rebuilding – as was the case with nation building, nation saving, and nation elevation in eras past – is not easy work. It is not for the faint of heart.

We were already told this. We were told to be ready and be active from the founding days in 1776 on through. We were told that:

“…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive …it is the Right of the People to alter it…laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to (a)ffect their Safety and Happiness…”

We were told that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

We were told to stand for truth, no matter who tells it.  We were told to be for justice, no matter who it is for or against.

We were told that we cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

And today, on Constitution Day, we face challenges that cannot escape the attention of our daily lives. Just the same, there is power within our Constitution and the government it formed – through the in-fighting at the convention in Philadelphia to the contention on the Congressional floor in Washington in the days since. We cannot allow that power to escape our focus and our motivations during our daily toils to rebuild this proud nation.

The American people, the American body politic, and even the American Constitution will never be perfect. Yet, through casting aside our faintness of heart, our revisionist history, our unwillingness to form new alliances, and our fears for the future, we can embrace the best that our Constitution upholds and empower ourselves to forge onward with a more Perfect Union.

By remembering that resolving our issues to improve our nation will come after the battles of ideas and bruising of egos, we understand today at a deeper level: that true freedom, freedom to be well-educated, liberated with economic opportunities, and protected from group-think policies and regressive ideologies…that freedom is truly never more than one generation away from extinction.

It is through the vigilant efforts of dedicated Americans that the freedoms afforded us today remain available and expand for  future generations.

It is through the evergreen nature of the essence of our Constitution that the pathway to freedom can be traveled by Americans of all creeds and cultures equally and successfully.

It is through the flaws of conflict and strife , the blemishes of battles and the scars of our mistakes as children of God that we embrace that essence which sustains the Constitution and our ability to self-actualize our potential as a result of it. It is through it all that we walk together, pressing Americans onward in another step in becoming a more Perfect Union.

We do so with the Constitution in tow.  We do so with the courage to toil with decorum and obligation for the sake of a better America in the days ahead. We do so, simply, because we know that nation rebuilding in America today – as was the case with nation building, nation saving, and nation elevation in days since gone – is not for the faint of heart. Yet, it is for us to take on, together – across race, class, cultural differences, and family backgrounds – starting today, on this wonderful Constitution Day here in Illinois.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you today.

God Bless you. God Bless the state of Illinois,

And God Bless the United States of America.

WATCH: Lenny McAllister on HuffPost Live (September 21, 2012)

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Catch Lenny McAllister talk with host Abby Huntsman and the rest of the panel as they discuss the Monica Lewinsky tell-all in this light-hearted Friday segment on HuffPost Live.


In a change-of-pace, light-hearted interview on Friday’s afternoon with HuffPost Live, political commentator Lenny McAllister talks with host Abby Huntsman, (New York, New York, United States) Comedian, comedian and host of “Six Pack on Sirius” Dave Rubin, and others in Lenny’s latest appearance.


The topic? Monica Lewinsky may be shopping for a book deal for a tell-all memoir. As Hillary feels out another run for the Presidency, will a new, tell-all book have an impact on her chances? Will this taint voters’ views on the Clintons almost 2 decades later?


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LISTEN: The McAllister Minute (September 19 – September 25, 2012)

In The McAllister Minute on September 19, 2012 at 11:14 am

In the September 19 version of “The McAllister Minute”, Lenny notes that the outrage over alleged disrespect is hollow as respect for cultural sensitivities is only genuine when it is mirrored with the respect for human life during non-combative strife.

“While we continue to honor the memory and service of slain US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the others killed in the embassy attack overseas, we must remember the tenets of honorable global engagement that we hold dear as the greatest democracy the world has ever seen.

“Yet, while others may choose to focus on the sophomoric film that allegedly sparked the Muslim outrage throughout the Middle East over the past several days, the only way to honor the essence of freedom – for Americans and our global neighbors across the world – is to recall a key element within the concept of honor and respect.  Simply: honor and respect is a 2-way street.


“True freedom balances cultural sensitivities with the right to free speech and expression. True freedom tempers our disgust for repugnant perspectives on social issues and stances with respect for human life. True freedom confronts conflict with contemplation, not cold-blooded killing by a select few hoping to reverse the tide of democracy. And when a response to Americans working to support freedom throughout the world is mind-bending terrorism and heinous acts of murder by a select few, it is freely open for the world to see…that some still battle against the hopes of democracy…that these enemies will corrupt the overall message of living for peace and justice for the glory of God…trading that faith walk for the sake of conducting misconstrued jihad.”


“Rebellion and outrage without moral authority is anarchy.”


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