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LISTEN: The McAllister Minute (April 17 – 23, 2013)

In Audio on April 17, 2013 at 11:05 am
boston-bombing-globe (edit)

“…After 9/11, our nation at least took a deep breath to grieve together and unite before mistrust crept in. We focused exclusively on heroism in the initial days. Now, even as the blood continues to flow from the (Boston Marathon) victims, some within our nation continue to fixate on political and racial hatred, not national togetherness…That’s not leadership, folks, and that is clearly not what America is supposed to be all about…”

“You know the talk of the puffed-up, politicized ‘tyranny’ that both the right and left promote over their pet issues – issues such as gun control, immigration amnesty, and taxation. Yet sadly, once again, we see the truth about true tyranny as it showed its ugly presence in Boston.

“What everyone continues to miss during our deep-seated, often-heated partisan debates over the past several years is what I continue to remind us of daily: if we continue to treat each other as though we are not fellow Americans – even during the most heated of political arguments – those that truly hate America are provided ample opportunities to blow our society apart.


“That’s not leadership, folks, and that is clearly not what America is supposed to be all about.

“We live in scary times post-9/11 and post-April 15, and I’m not even talking about airplanes or pressure-cooker bombs.  I’m talking about a self-inflicted tyranny that we better address before more smoke from terror fills our skies.

“We live in scary times. Be a difference-maker, folks, or be afraid.”

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