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WATCH: Host Akin, Strategist McAllister Talk “BridgeGate” on Sun News Network’s “Battleground” (January 9 2014)

In Video on January 10, 2014 at 1:24 pm
Sun News Network (Jan 9 2014) #1

Lenny McAllister and host David Akin discusses the fallout following Chris Christie’s scandal, “Bridgegate”, on Sun News Network’s “Battleground”.

TORONTO / PITTSBURGH  (January 9, 2014) – (Courtesy Sun News Network) Republican Strategist Lenny McAllister discusses the fallout following Chris Christie’s scandal, “Bridgegate”, with David Akin on this segment during Thursday’s “Battleground”.

Click HERE to watch the segment on the Sun News Network website or click on the picture above.


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