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Greece and the EU “Starting Point”: Is It The End of the EU?

In Uncategorized on August 3, 2015 at 9:21 am
Is the Greeks' "NO" mean that "yes" - the EU is seeing the beginning of the end?

Is the Greeks’ “NO” mean that “yes” – the EU is seeing the beginning of the end?

PITTSBURGH (July 10, 2015) – Political commentator and former congressional candidate Lenny McAllister (host, “NightTalk: Get To The Point”) talks with the Get To the Point Panel about the crisis involving Greece and the EU and the latest austerity package proposed by the bailout partners. How will this all impact the USA and the global economy? McAllister uses this “Starting Point” commentary to highlight the overall crisis (i.e., political, cultural, economic) that Greece faces as a result of the ongoing economic calamity.

“NightTalk: Get To The Point” airs live Fridays at 8pm on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel (Comcast channel 35 / Verizon FIOS channel 9) on over 850,000 households in the Pittsburgh television market. It is the sister station to WPXI, the NBC affiliate in the Pittsburgh market.

Catch this latest commentary from Lenny McAllister by clicking the picture above or by clicking this link HERE


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