One of the most watched commentators in America


Spoken Thoughts from an Amalgamated Advocate in Today’s America: Political, Social, and Civic Reflections from a Dedicated American (Volume 1) [Paperback], Available on Amazon.

One of America’s most watched political commentators takes you behind the scenes with his most celebrated speeches and appearances.

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Diary of a Mad Black PYC (Proud Young Conservative): Editorials, Essays, and Articles from a Hip Hop Republican [Paperback]

Diary of a Mad Black PYC (Proud Young Conservative): Editorials, Essays, and Articles from a Hip Hop Republican

A Hip Hop Republican in the Age of Obama, political and social activist Lenny McAllister was one of the few active in both the RNC in 2008 and the State of the Black Union in 2009.

He appears regularly on outlets including Fox and CNN. McAllister’s “Diary” includes quotes and written selections over the 2008 election cycle, chronicling Lenny as a up-and-coming leader and orator “…with a mission to make changes to the status quo…that hamper(s) our American way of life…”

“As a socially-conscious conservative… (McAllister) shows his desire to make prosperity more commonplace in America” (Tavis Smiley) “McAllister eschews political correctness, blatantly casts it off, which… helps him relate to young people” (Charlotte Magazine) “…Lenny McAllister speaks (and) reminds me of the late Tony Snow in his eloquence…” (international blogger) “If you want…someone’s honest assessment… then Lenny is the person…” (Tim Johnson, NC GOP Vice-Chairman).


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