One of the most watched commentators in America

Listen to “The McAllister Minute” (ARCHIVE)

Essence Festival 2012 (edit head shot)

“The McAllister Minute” is a regular feature of the American Urban Radio Network. Tune in to this broadcast, which runs two weeks per month on the American Urban Radio Network’s  more than 400 stations nationwide. Hear Lenny extol common-sense conservative values to urban audiences while addressing pertinent issues impacting our diverse communities nationally.

Listen to the latest version of “The McAllister Minute”:

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Catch the latest “The McAllister Minute” that is airing on the American Urban Radio Network by clicking the picture above or by clicking HERE

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Spoken Thoughts of an Amalgamated Advocate in Today’s America”

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  3. […] Listen to “The McAllister Minute” […]

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