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WATCH: Lenny McAllister On POTUS’ Chicago Visit (Feb 17 2013)

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Lenny McAllister talks to Sun News Network anchor Brian Dunston about President Obama's visit to Chicago in February 2013 to discuss urban violence.

Lenny McAllister talks to Sun News Network anchor Brian Dunston about President Obama’s visit to Chicago in February 2013 to discuss urban violence.


CHICAGO, IL (February 17, 2013) –  (Courtesy Sun News Network) Lenny McAllister joins Brian Dunstan to discuss Obama’s speech, appealing to blacks, and violence in Chicago.


Originally aired on February 17, 2013


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The Real #1 Civil Rights Issue in America: Stopping Urban Violence

In Articles on June 25, 2012 at 8:18 am

Some activists understand what many national civil rights organizations and leaders refuse to see: the #1 civil rights issue today is stopping urban violence for the sake of residents, communities, schools, and businesses.

After another violent weekend in Chicago and a hot summer coming up for urban areas nationally, ending the violence in Black America must be the principal civil rights goal of our times.

With each gunshot that is fired off on the mean streets of Chicago, the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, and south central Los Angeles, an emotional – and common sense – salvo for civil rights should be shot into the air as a rallying call for Black America to see.


Regardless of the partisan arguments that incorrectly note that fighting against voter ID laws or fighting for gay marriage rights are the primary focuses of this election cycle, the resounding truth rings in the air each time bullets whiz past the innocent and the misguided.


The primary civil rights issue in this election cycle, in this era, and of this generation must be the elimination of the hyper-violent, gun-toting culture that is dictating so much within urban communities throughout the nation. Any other issue that acts as a primary focus and subsequently removes attention away from this cancerous trend in our communities shifts resources of money, talent, and brain-power needlessly.


Not to say that discriminatory practices that inhibit American citizens from voting should not be addressed or that gay Americans should be forced to hide in the shadows to avoid wrongful slander and harm. Yet, any African-American organization, community group, or religious association that feels that political fights over certain social issues should be favored over shutting down the bullet-filled battlegrounds of our communities either is missing the point or is hijacking the civil rights mantle while abdicating their historical obligation.


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What the President Could Have Said During His Visit to Chicago

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What the President Could Have Said During His Visit to Chicago

CHICAGO, IL (June 4, 2012) –Some South Side Chicago residents would have liked to have gotten a bit of feedback from their president about the recent spate of violence in the Windy City.  It would have been appropriate after the stroll through his old neighborhood this past weekend.

Strolling through the old neighborhood last weekend provided a round of opportunities for President Obama and his neighbors to reconnect, even if it were through mere symbolism.

“Nice day, huh? Did you guys spend some money in Chicago!? Did you stay up too late?”

To answer the president’s questions to reporters Saturday: yes, it was, Mr. President. Saturday was gorgeous, sunny, and full of activities for Hyde Park and Woodlawn residents.

Simply put, in addition to talking about the wonderful weather, if he had a chance to cook breakfast in his own kitchen, or if out-of-town reporters ate a great Italian dinner at Leona’s, many of us wish (President Obama) said something like this:

“Folks, I don’t know if you heard any of it last night, and to be honest, I may not have since it was so nice to sleep in my own bed for once. However, if you turned on the local news this morning like I did, you were probably shocked and horrified to hear the reports that many of the same people that you walked past this morning here in Kenwood, Hyde Park, and Woodlawn lived through gunfire last night that was as loud and consistent as fireworks on the 4th of July.

Kids: I know that Malia and Sasha will likely never meet any of you, but as your neighbor and as your president, I still feel a connection to you. And as I finish my walk and I think about the best of what makes me homesick about being in Chicago – all of the lovely people and attractions here in our part of the city – I feel sick about the worst of Chicago – all this violence – impacting our youth. So, please, as your neighbor, please make the choice to knock it off. Make the choice every day to choose life. If you believe in me, your neighbor-turned-president through believing in the impossible, choose to do the impossible yourself. You can do it, kids. I believe in you, and I expect better the next time I come back home.”

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You Can’t Blame Big Bad Republicans For Everything

In Articles on June 3, 2012 at 12:28 am

Lenny McAllister Writes About the Blame Game

CHICAGO, IL (May 31, 2012)  – The more gunfire rains down on Black communities, including innocent Black youths on the South Side of Chicago, the more that it should be frustratingly obvious that stale talking points and status quo approaches are not the way to go.

There is something wrong when residents of Chicago’s South Side hear the sounds of gunfire at night that are so strong it sounds like it’s raining outside.

There is something tragically worse when the best that elected Black leadership – at the local, state, and federal levels – can do is resort to the same stale talking points of blaming some big, bad Republican somewhere on the woes of our communities.

I heard the rhetoric on CNN. I watched in head-shaking amazement, listening to a Chicago alderman somehow reach for national partisan talking points to explain why his one-party ward in a one-party form of city government had so many recurring problems of violence and hopelessness in a city where Black power was once seated.

I heard the rhetoric as a humbled guest recently on a Detroit radio station. I listened as multiple Detroiters attempted – futilely – to explain how the monolithic voting patterns of Black people in the Motor City was beneficial to them, their children, and the city as a whole.

One glance at the aftermath of government budgets and ethics in Detroit along with reviewing employment and education issues there and the question is evident: how has that one-party, one-stop voting bloc for Black Detroiters worked out for them?

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