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One Final Point (Get To The Point Panel): Feb 20, 2015 (NT: Get To The Point)

In Video on March 1, 2015 at 8:58 pm
Lenny and Malcolm Thomas at U-Prep (Winter 2014) (edit 1)

“What do we need to do for change? Our mind…we must get away from the thought that someone else can solve our problems…”


Malcolm Thomas, Dr. Waverly Duck, and attorney Blaine Jones each give their final thoughts during the “One Final Point” segment of “NightTalk: Get to the Point” with host and political commentator Lenny McAllister on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel.


The “Get To The Point” Panel discussed the necessary focal points for Black men to strive in modern-day America starting Black History Month 2015.


A clip from the “One Final Point” on February 20 episode can be viewed by clicking the picture above or by clicking HERE


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Never a Wasted Moment Nor a Lost Generation

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Those such as Dr. King came from humble beginnings and the toil of Jim Crow to create a new American reality. The same can occur with this generation of youth – even now.

NEW YORK CITY/ PITTSBURGH (July 31, 2014) – (Courtesy Global Grind)


“Earlier this week, I had a chance to be witness to something profound for both a family and for my hometown.


“It was humbling to see the City of Pittsburgh give a proclamation to one of the men that I looked up to and respected my whole life – Dr. Morris E. Turner, Sr. Sadly, it was given posthumously, accepted on his behalf by those that I have known from my earliest memories.


“And, yes, every exercise of recognition, condolence, or celebration that I watch them graciously accept hurts me deeply, seeing the pain of loss that they are dealing with. However, the one thing that keeps me without tears is knowing this: his life was a proclamation – one that is sorely needed as a resonating example in today’s Black America and throughout the nation.


“Dr. Turner – son of Barney, GA and a man that improved Pittsburgh – was a member of a “lost generation” of African-Americans. Yet, one look at what he did from such humble beginnings shows why we must forge on. As the kin of 20th century sharecroppers, he excelled in school past family poverty. As the victim of segregation, he entered college at a very early age, never acting as a “victim”. As a combatant against racism, he became a medical doctor, a professor, a small business owner, and a renowned member of his adoptive city when social mores frowned against this. As an American that Jim Crow cast aside as one of a “lost generation” of poor Black people from the rural south, he proudly and humbly found success and inspired thousands.


“Isn’t that the type of one-generational turnaround that we need in today’s urban America, particularly with many of our “lost generation” Black youth?”


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Fair Game on CNN Newsroom (February 27 2012)

In Video on February 27, 2012 at 5:21 pm

CHICAGO, IL – Republican commentator Lenny McAllister and Democratic strategist Ed Espinosa look forward to the upcoming Arizona and Michigan primaries and look back at the controversial comments from former PA Senator Rick Santorum over the weekend in this version of “Fair Game”, anchored by CNN Early Start co-host Zoraida Sambolin.

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