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Could 2016 Be The Year For Black Conservatives? (March 13, 2015)

In Video on April 19, 2015 at 7:40 pm
Ben Carson

Renowned surgeon Dr. Ben Carson explores a presidential bid for the 2016 White House.


NEW YORK CITY (March 13, 2015):

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson has announced that he is formally exploring a run for president in 2016. But what chance do Carson and other black conservatives have in taking the White House? And what will the Right need to do to attract black voters?
Originally aired on March 13, 2015.


You can view the segment from the HuffPost Live interview by clicking HERE or by clicking the picture above.

Elephants in the Room Missing THE Elephant in the Room

In Articles on September 1, 2014 at 1:40 pm

Until Black Republicans are more visible in standing up with and for Black America, political rhetoric will never influence the political realities within Black America.


NEW YORK CITY/ PITTSBURGH (April 3, 2014) – (Courtesy Global Grind)


“It was never my intention to get involved in this “controversy” – this latest go-’round between Black America and its oft-disgarded stepchildren, Black conservatives.


“The responses from many Black Republicans and conservatives (including friends, colleagues, and those that I respect) in digital print and interviews, along with the feedback from other friends and family within Black America and throughout the nation, just made it that much harder to sidestep – especially since no one seems to want to address what is truly the turbulent current underneath the river’s reflection of this matter.


“Ironically, in the ongoing conversation about Black voters, political advocacy, Black conservatives and the Republican Party, no one seems to want to discuss the true elephant in the room.


“When Black America sees more Black conservatives take chances for Black people today – just as Black leaders did during the Civil Rights Movement and at other times in our nation’s proud history – then Black America will take a chance on us.”


Read this article in its entirety on Global and Roland Martin Reports


Philly Trib’s Ellison Chats with McAllister on VRA, Civil Rights and the Relationship between Blacks and the GOP

In Articles on August 1, 2013 at 2:29 pm

“Are issues like the recent decision from the Supreme Court on the VRA (voting Rights Act), the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case and ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws, and the Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action the type of issues that will get Black voters mobilized for the 2014 midterm elections?” Writer Charles D. Ellison (above) asks this to Lenny McAllister in an upcoming interview for The Philly Tribune.

PHILADELPHIA / WASHINGTON, DC (August 1, 2013) – (Courtesy The Philly Tribune) Sirius XM Radio host and Washington correspondent to the Philly Tribune Charles D. Ellison talks with Republican strategist and former congressional candidate Lenny McAllister about the impact of recent legal decisions over the summer on the upcoming elections in 2013 and 2014.


The full quote from McAllister is listed below. The full article from Ellison will be published this weekend (August 2 – August 4).


“Although these issues were not designed to prompt Black voters to a higher level of political engagement and consciousness, the historic events of the past 60 days will certainly become a collective force that will galvanize voters for the rest of 2013 and, most likely, throughout 2014 as well. As long as Republicans and conservatives are collectively incapable of connecting to Black voters in the aftermath of these events as well as on pertinent ‘dinner table’ issues, the GOP ticket will be on the wrong side of election night results in more areas across the nation.”


“It was good to see a meeting at the White House concerning the Voting Rights Act this week. We need to see more Republicans taking the forefront in securing the potency of the Voting Rights Act moving forward. Politicians such as Leader Eric Cantor have indicated support for this, so we must move forward and make Republican support for the VRA a visible advocacy. I support this effort, as civil rights protection must be a bipartisan goal in the 21st century. Sadly, on issues such as the Voting Rights Act, there is an element within the Republican Party that is more inclined to disengage Black voters and distance some from suffrage rights than this element is to engage Black citizens and win over these valuable voters. This approach is both un-American and unethical. It works against the party at election time. It works against healing and rebounding the nation overall. It is misguided and inappropriate. If it continues, 2014 starts lining up to be a repeat of 2006, 2008, and 2012. As leaders within the GOP, it is time that we prove to African-Americans that our focus as a party is to always uplift the American Way, not merely the Republican way or any GOP candidate. Without this clear and renewed focus, issues of civil rights, race, and justice will become partisan issues – and if this is so, the Republican brand currently cannot withstand the electoral scrutiny it will face in 2013, 2014, and moving onward into the next presidential election.”


Political commentator and community advocate Lenny McAllister is the “Working Man’s Conservative” currently working to make his hometown of Chicago and our proud nation better by working together as #OneBigTeam.

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McAllister Featured in Sunday Article in The Philadelphia Tribune

In Articles on May 26, 2013 at 12:24 pm
Ellison McAllister interview (edit)

Ellison: “Does the GOP really want its Black Republicans to succeed?”
McAllister: “Without political activism that includes more relationships with Black America where they are right now instead of preaching sessions that hark back to 1863 or the mid-20th century, the clear answer is two-fold: yes…and no…”

PHILADELPHIA (May 26, 2013) –  Lenny McAllister, the “Working Man’s Conservative”, Republican strategist and pundit, and former congressional candidate (Illinois-2nd), was quoted in the Sunday edition of The Philadelphia Tribune by Sirius-XM Radio host and Tribune Washington correspondent Charles D. Ellison as part of an article on Black outreach and effectiveness within the Republican Party.

The full interview (unedited) can be found below:

Charles D. Ellison: “Is there a trend of GOP only picking Black GOP candidates that have heavy religious views? And, in this case and others, why does it seem as if the Black GOP candidates that are most times picked by the party during primaries/conventions are the least competitive?

“Does the GOP really want its Black Republicans to succeed?”

Lenny McAllister: “Everything seems to be swinging further to the right when it comes to Republican and conservative candidates: right-wing positions on Roe v. Wade, on foreign policy, on domestic matters, and on legislative approach. It would only be consistent that the types of candidates that the engaged portions of the Republican voting base support are those that lean in this direction in all capacities, including religious activism.

“Sadly, at this point, being a moderate Republican is akin to being a political Benedict Arnold. Being a Black Republican that supports policies such as Affirmative Action – those that reflect the growing disparities between Blacks and other Americans and seek to address it accordingly to optimize America’s talents in all communities – is seen as being un-American and race-baiting. Any Black man or woman that has a pulse on the destruction and hopelessness within urban America, yet believes that the continued approach of disengagement, chastisement, and philosophical theology is the way to get more Blacks to vote conservative, are accessories to political murder. They cement into place the very liberal policies that they believe hamper Black people throughout America with their shallowness or callousness. Not all are like this, but some argue that many of them are. Without political activism that includes more relationships with Black America where they are right now instead of preaching sessions that hark back to 1863 or the mid-20th century, the clear answer is two-fold: yes, the GOP wants its African-American candidates to succeed – those that reflect the current right-wing swing and continued divisiveness and detachment within our nation, but no: the GOP does not want its Black candidates – those that articulate the need for change within the Republican Party, the legislative bodies of the nation, and the racial and socioeconomic imbalance within our society – to succeed.”


The interview and story are found in the print version of The Philadelphia Tribune on Sunday later in the week.

McAllister will be a featured panelist in the Rose Dialogue Series debate, “Gun Control or Out of Control?” on June 5 in New York City. The series is hosted by the Riverdale Y in the Bronx.


Lenny will appear opposite Michael Skolnik, administrator and political director for hip hop mogul Russell Simmons. The discussion will be led by Fox News Contributor Sally Kohn.

Tickets for this exciting night of dialogue are $18.  Reservations can be made at

The McAllister Minute (June 13-June 19, 2012)

In The McAllister Minute on June 13, 2012 at 4:56 pm

To listen to this week’s “The McAllister Minute” click the picture below

What’s the one thing that’s worst than a presidential candidate saying that the “fundamentals of our economy are strong” – right as the nation suffers the collapse of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression?

That would be when a sitting president – after overseeing the addition of only 69,000 jobs in May – holds a press conference and says that the “private sector is doing just fine.”

Really? If the aforementioned statement was bad for John McCain in 2008, what is it saying about President Obama now in 2012 – and what should it say about President Obama’s re-election worthiness?

A presidential gaffe? Perhaps. But the more that we look at the record, the rhetoric, and the reality of our situation as African-Americans during the Obama Era, we have to ask: is the condition of this economy the type of gaffe that we can continue to endure?

Listen to this week’s edition of “The McAllister Minute” by clicking HERE.

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