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LISTEN: Get Right with Lenny McAllister (November 20, 2013)

In Audio on November 20, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Is the fight for a higher minimum wage in response to a failure to create more better-paying jobs post-Great Recession?

WWW.LENNYMCALLISTER.COM (November 20, 2013) – PODCAST TOPIC: Is “raising the minimum wage” and “creating a living wage” the new response to failing to stimulate the economy post-Great Recession?


Former WVON radio host, former congressional candidate, and nationally-respected political activist Lenny McAllister hosts today’s podcast of “Get Right with Lenny McAllister”.


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The Courage to Compete with Free Market Principles Leads to Change for the Better

In Speeches on August 1, 2012 at 10:02 am

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“Free-market principles understand optimizing capital, including human capital. Free-market principles understand that a just competition of an individual against one’s self strengthens that individual and makes him better. Those principles purport that a just competition between two or more individuals strengthen both the parties involved and their communities as well.

But when a culture permeates fear to compete – when future scientists are no longer pushed in urban middle schools to outpace their previous academic performances and when businesses are no longer enabled to become leaner and meaner as corporate citizens and job providers – the seeds of free-market principles have no soil to take root. To win arguments as free-market thinkers in the general assemblies and in the halls of Congress…we must take on policy issues with a focus on the rudimentary cause of our situation today.

Our belief in the benefits of competition through applying free-market principles in education and economics will bolster the languishing understanding for the need of re-inspired capitalism in today’s America as well. That system – an engine that has created the greatest amount of socioeconomic advancement in history – has been faltering without our active leadership to articulate its merits to all zip codes and neighborhoods. And it will continue to falter as long as we allow the rudimentary issue – a climate in America that inhibits competition and demonizes capitalism to the masses – to create the rules through which we impact our world politically.

We know free market principles create wealth and economic sustainability for Americans of all backgrounds when correctly understood and applied. Now, we must also address the cultural mood of this nation with our zeal for just competition. We must now apply it to the marketplace of the American mindset to robustly implement our beliefs for the sake of improving our nation. We must take advantage of this historically detrimental economy to bring our principles to new audiences and overcome all obstacles separating us from various voting blocs and challenge areas.

If we take on this challenge, we can win more elections and – more importantly – we can win back more impoverished areas and failing schools…we can win back neighborhoods plighted with violence and reclaim more Americans back into the fold as contributing citizens.

Those opportunities are there. Policy wonks, numbers-crunchers, and one-issue wonders: there are plenty of new audiences now waiting for your patriotic advocacy to change their lives for the better – even in the most unsuspecting of places.

As some of you may know, I was based in Chicago over the past 2 years due to my radio show, “Launching Chicago with Lenny McAllister.” What you may not have known is that examples of our free market principles in action sometimes come about in the bastions of liberalism.

For example, Black leaders on the south side of the Windy City…are promoting initiatives that encourage Chicago South-Siders to circulate their consumer resources around more times before the money leaves their neighborhoods. They are promoting initiatives that, by keeping this money in their communities a little longer, strengthen their purchasing power, force businesses to compete harder for market share and corporate partnerships, and make the communities more viable as equal partners in Chicago’s overall economy.

Empowerment through economic competition and thoughtfulness. Revitalization through economic Darwinism within a marketplace. Prosperity expansion through creating wealth. This may be part of the Black agenda within Chicago but it fits into the scope of the free market principles that we purport for the advancement of the American people, not just Black people.

This example is one of many that show that, simply, our principles are above race and religion. They are American. They are timeless. And, when applied – they work.

Yet, in a culture that fears competition and fails to optimize our capitalistic message and meaning, our fight is more than just with policy positions. In the American society of today where bad-mouthing of our values – values that have empowered the poor around the world like never before in history – cannot be overcome because our focus is too much on articulating bullet points within our conservative movement, not foundational flaws that are uprooting the American Way of Life, we must change our perspective on what is truly going on in America.”


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