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LISTEN: Headlee, Izrael, McAllister and others talk Sherman, Bieber on NPR’s “The Barbershop”

In Audio on January 25, 2014 at 6:14 pm
sherman bieber

CLICK PICTURE FOR PODCAST: (Courtesy NPR) Is “thug” the new n-word? The Barbershop guys take on the controversy surrounding Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman.

WASHINGTON / PITTSBURGH / USA (January 24, 2014) – (Courtesy National Public Radio)

The barbershop guys give their take on the news of the week. Is “thug” the new n-word? The Barbershop guys take on the controversy surrounding Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman, and the arrest of teen pop star Justin Bieber.


Catch this version of “The Barbershop” on National Public Radio by clicking the hyperlink or the picture above. 


LISTEN: McAllister Talks Jobs, Obamacare Defunding on NPR

In Audio on August 1, 2013 at 11:29 am
Lenny AJE June 28 2013 #2 (smile) (creative edit)

“…drawing the lines in the sand is not how you legislate. I know that it riles up everybody’s base to do this, but at some point in time, people have to understand…(t)his is about legislating and leading…”

CHICAGO (July 26, 2013) – (Courtesy National Public Radio) Guest host Celeste Headlee gets a wrap of the week’s political news with journalist Callie Crossley and conservative commentator Lenny McAllister. They talk about President Obama’s push to get the economy back on track, and the battle over the President’s health care law.

Listen to this debate segment on NPR’s “Tell Me More” by clicking HERE or by clicking on the picture above. Read the transcript to the segment “Should Congress Stop ‘Drawing Lines in the Sand’?” by clicking HERE.

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WATCH: Lenny McAllister on “Your Voter 2012” Special

In Video on October 2, 2012 at 2:31 pm

WGBH (Boston, MA) August, 2012: PBS World is hosting a series of election specials titled “Your Vote 2012”. This production will feature a series of panel discussions and live broadcasts to discuss the issues surrounding the 2012 American presidential and other elections.


Catch Lenny McAllister discuss some of the issues prior to the RNC Convention with host Celeste Headlee by clicking on the picture above. Another show in this series, “African Elections”, aired October 1 to compare the excitement and anticipation of the national elections in newly-democratic Ghana to the temperament of American voters and election issues in 2012.