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LISTEN: The McAllister Minute (October 3 – October 9, 2012)

In The McAllister Minute on October 3, 2012 at 2:17 pm

Most Black voters have made President Obama out to be larger-than-life, but have not received heroic attention from the White House, although his other loyal constituencies have. Instead, Black Americans must look to the past to those such as Soft Sheen’s Ed Gardner for community heroism.


“Folks will be looking for a political hero when the debate season starts off in Denver Wednesday night. People will be looking to see Governor Mitt Romney take the Republican fight directly to President Barack Obama… Democrats can’t wait for Mr. Obama to once again display the skills that fueled his ascent from upstart state senator to president-elect in a 50-month time span.


“And yes, many of those waiting to see President Obama live up to the larger-than-life debate expectations starting Wednesday night are African-Americans.

“But, after the past 4 years – of the president not saying much about Black unemployment and not saying practically anything about the ongoing Black youth crisis in our hometown of Chicago or nationally – listen here. If you’re looking for a superhero to take up the mantle of Black leadership, you need to look away from the White House…and look to people such as Soft Sheen founder Ed Gardner.


“The 87-year-old entrepreneur sparked a protest that addressed a reality that Black people in Chicago and elsewhere say to themselves but are unwilling to say aloud: why – in sanctuary cities like Chicago and elsewhere in the nation – do we see the paradox of high Black American youth crime and unemployment, yet see these in-need young men and women not get a shot at filling these capable jobs…it’s an unpopular thing to say, but Gardner had the guts to do something. Sadly, through the political expediency of the Democratic Party and the misguided focus of outdated and high-financed Black leadership, African-Americans risk being left behind in employment, education, and political power in the United States – again. In Chicago, it’s due to a lack of ordinance enforcement protecting Black contractors. Nationally, it’s due to a political desire by President Obama and Democrats to engage the new biggest minority voting bloc at the risk of ignoring the already-captured Black vote.”

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