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WATCH: McAllister and Johnson Discuss Sununu, Electoral College Math on “Weekend Express”

In Video on October 27, 2012 at 5:59 pm

HLN anchor Natasha Curry talks with political scientist Dr. Jason Johnson and Lenny McAllister about the fallout from Romney Co-Chair John Sununu’s comments on the Colin Powell endorsement of President Obama on Saturday’s “Weekend Express with Natasha Curry.” The 3 also discuss current projections of the electoral college math come November 6, 2012.

WASHINGTON (October 27, 2012) – Republican strategist Lenny McAllister and political scientist Dr. Jason Johnson (Hiram College) talks with Natasha Curry on HLN’s “Weekend Express with Natasha Curry” to discuss the fallout from Romney Campaign Co-Chair John Sununu’s statement about the Colin Powell endorsement of President Obama as well as the electoral college math for November 6.



Catch the spirited conversation by clicking the embedded video above or by clicking the the picture above.

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Does a Bush Redux in ’12 Equal Obama x 2 in the White House?

In Articles on July 31, 2012 at 9:41 am

If the Supreme Court ends up settling any portion of a tight 2012 election as we saw in 2000, does the conservative-leaning court now lean President Obama’s way?

With the recent CNN report that the Electoral College could be tied after the November election, could the Obamacare ruling show a hint to how Supreme Court intervention in November would impact who’s president in 2013?

Ironically, just a few months ago, more conservatives probably felt pretty darn good about the possibility of the 2012 presidential election coming down to the Supreme Court. With the 5-4 split between conservatives and liberals on the nation’s highest Court, there once was the feeling that if the Court had to play a role in the outcome of the national election akin to the circumstances surrounding Bush v. Gore, Republicans would have the upper hand – and, perhaps, the presidency starting in 2013.

Likely, conservatives don’t feel so confident about that now. Moreso, they are probably dutifully aware that anything resembling a close race probably looks like a forecast for a narrow Obama victory in the fall.

Thank the Affordable Care Act for that shift in sentiments.

Although the feelings of betrayal and mistrust for Chief Justice John Roberts (and, indirectly, President George W. Bush) have not been on high display as they were during the immediate aftermath of the ACA ruling earlier this summer, thoughts on how the Court could play a detrimental for Republicans in the presidential election will simmer to a slow boil as the summer finishes up. The positive impact that upholding the controversial law has had on President Obama’s re-election momentum has already been seen in some polls, with the president up by as many as 6 points despite bad jobs numbers and low GDP growth. The looming possibility of some court case being kicked up to the Supreme Court – heightened by the notion that the Electoral College could actually deadlock in an election filled with negative campaigning against Romney and dissatisfaction with the economy over the past 4 years – seems to work in President Obama’s favor at this point as both incumbent candidate and ACA victor.

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