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UPCOMING: McAllister Talks Unemployment Numbers, Next Steps for America on “The Glenn Beck Program” Thursday

In Upcoming Appearances on August 28, 2013 at 9:10 pm
Lenny on Glenn Beck show (Nov 2009) (edit)

Republican activist and community advocate Lenny McAllister will appear on “The Glenn Beck Program” on The Blaze TV (pictured above, Lenny McAllister with Glenn Beck on Fox News Network, 2009)


CHICAGO / DALLAS (August 28, 2013) – Republican activist and former congressional candidate Lenny McAllister will appear on “The Glenn Beck Program” on The Blaze TV Thursday, August 29 to discuss the stagnant economy and its impact on the nation’s collective pursuit of the American Dream during these continued hard times.


“I’m thankful for the opportunity to speak to a segment of Americans that are looking for light at the end of this long, dark tunnel and solutions to these ongoing problems,” McAllister said in a statement about the upcoming appearance. “True leadership in our nation may not come from the traditional sources and that’s possible because we cannot continue to talk and act in the same ways, yet expect different results than what we’ve been getting.”


McAllister will appear on-set for the Dallas-based show to discuss several topics, including unemployment, ongoing efforts to implement voter ID laws, and legislative steps to get the country back on track.  He will appear with guest host Joseph C. Phillips.  The Blaze TV can be found on The Dish Network and select cable networks nationally. It can also be viewed online at


Lenny has been busy throughout the week.  He spoke with HuffPost Live along with RNC Communications Director Raffi Williams and others on next steps for the GOP in light of the 50 year anniversary of the March on Washington. He was also scheduled to appear on “Inside Story” on the newly-minted Al Jazeera America station to discuss next steps for the Voting Rights Act after the June 2013 Supreme Court decision concerning Section 4 of the historic legislation.


McAllister also appeared on “The Source with Ezra Levant” on the Sun News Network Wednesday afternoon to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the iconic “I Have a Dream” speech from a Black Republican perspective. Lenny’s comments from his writing, “Marching Onward from the Right to Procure ‘The New Civil Rights’” can be found below.

“True conservative leadership that reflects the legacy of 50 years ago in Washington embraces the notion that all corners of America fit into the confines of the Constitution – as voters, as citizens, as potentially productive  members of American society – and pursues that end with a vigor that breaks down the stereotypes of the current GOP, repairs the breakdown of communication with key constituents, and forever abolishes the one-party system that many Americans have been forced to live under for the past 50 years.  We, too, have a dream in 2013… celebrating suffrage for all citizens while winning over new voters from all areas in America… expanding educational efficiency and success for more Americans to secure our geopolitical and economic standing in the world…apply(ing) conservative principles in the spirit of patriotism and partnership with those that we have dismissed in the past with a wanton broad stroke… That dream must expand our vision in order to expand our influence.”


Political commentator and community advocate Lenny McAllister is the “Working Man’s Conservative” currently working to make his hometown of Chicago and our proud nation better by working together as #OneBigTeam. Featured as one of the “40 Under 40 to Watch in 2012” by the historic newspaper The Chicago Defender, he has been featured in several national and international publications and media outlets, including Essence, Chicago Crusader, and Charlotte Magazine. “The McAllister Minute,” a regular feature of the American Urban Radio Network, runs on more than 300 stations nationwide. 

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