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Trayvon, A Pair of Jordans, and Darrin Equals House Money

In Articles on September 1, 2014 at 1:20 pm
darrin manning

Honor roll student Darrin Manning recovers from injuries sustained during “stop-and-frisk” incident with police in Philadelphia

NEW YORK CITY/ PITTSBURGH  – (Courtesy Global Grind)


With the ongoing advancement of the New Jim Crow, double unemployment rates, and struggling communities, this potential four-of-a-kind may force us to bet on Black America with house money for social change


“Yes: Michael Dunn is going to jail, likely for the rest of his life.

“Despite that, he received the same fate that George Zimmerman did: the benefit of the doubt when facing the charge of confronting, shooting, and killing an unarmed Black male teen with nothing more than inconsistencies in recounts of the incidents, questionable occurrences of abuse in their backgrounds, and their “word”.

“Standing in the combined shadows of these results from 2013 and 2014 and previewing the beginning of two more high-profile cases – this time in my native Pennsylvania – it would not be a surprise if a pall appeared over the mood of good cheer and positive outlook that just carried us through the holiday season, into New Year’s Day, and kicked off Black History Month.


“If we are headed in the wrong direction, perhaps we need to look back to the past to secure America’s future as a beacon of equality and justice for all. The Dunn mistrial only enforces the notion that we have a divided nation when it comes to justice and perceptions of race. The latest jobs numbers indicate that we have not closed the gap of inequality when it comes to education, employment, and long-term economic opportunity. The upcoming cases in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia – along with recent “stop-and-frisk” problems in New York City and other woes nationally concerning Black men – perhaps foreshadow a time where Black America has taken its last punch in the 21st century without hitting back – in the courtrooms, in the wallets, and in the consciousness of modern-day America.


“Are you ready? You should be – after Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman… after Jordan Davis and Dunn…after Jonny Gammage and Jordan Miles…after watching this disturbing trend continue. We are simply betting on the stability and posterity of our homes with house money at a time when Black America continues to lose wealth, political power, and community safety – so what exactly do we have to lose?”


Read this article in its entirety on Global

“The Pursuit of Happiness in the Shadow of Stand Your Ground and 21st Century Second Amendment Rights”

In Articles on February 16, 2014 at 7:23 pm

During the Zimmerman trial, the talk on one side of the issue was all about the 2nd Amendment, self-defense, and guarantees to one’s liberty and the “pursuit of happiness” highlighted in the founding documents of the United States of America…What about the “pursuit of happiness” for these victims, particularly victims that happen to be Black, young, male, and wrongfully stereotyped?

NEW YORK CITY/ PITTSBURGH (February 14, 2014) – (Courtesy Global Grind)

The God-given right to pursue happiness as extolled in the Declaration of Independence and protected in codification via the United States Constitution in its present form should not and must not be shifted around in a shell-game manner only to be enjoyed by pre-selected winners and losers in America…the adherent support of constitutional rights and personal liberties for some Americans never seems to reverberate in tone or deed to the communities of citizens in most need of basic civil rights protections. Lost in the newly-vamped definitions of social justice and racial perspective is the notion of innocent until proven guilty while Black…When White men can assault and kill Black young men with the benefit of the doubt while Black men are presumed dangerous and guilty upon first contact, there is no longer a pursuit of true happiness, balance, or civic justice nationally. The foundation of equality and constitutional ethics becomes nothing but a slab of faulty lies and poetic hubris.”


Read “The Pursuit of Happiness in the Shadow of Stand Your Ground and 21st Century Second Amendment Rights” from Lenny McAllister on Global Grind by clicking HERE or clicking the picture above.

Black History Month Must Yield Results, Not Just Reflections, in 2014

In Articles on February 3, 2014 at 5:38 pm

5 years after a noteworthy shift in politics for African-Americans, Black History Month must be fruitful, not just reflective, to garner better times ahead

NEW YORK CITY / PITTSBURGH  (February 3, 2014) 

“5 years ago heading into Black History Month, African-Americans had a deep sense of political optimism with hope riding at a level never reached before. Black Baby Boomers had reached the pinnacle of their respective political parties. Barack Obama had become the first African-American president in the nation’s history, affording him the de facto role as top of the Democratic Party as well. Michael Steele had endured a 6-round vote at the RNC Winter Meeting to become the first African-American head of the Republican Party. I even focused my Fox Monday Morning commentary on this unique opportunity heading into February 2009.
“Yet, 5 years later, the Republicans’ relationship with Black voters is hardly any better, chronicled in part by President Obama’s near-record percentage of the Black vote again in 2012 as African-Americans voted at a higher clip than any other ethnic group nationally. For the president, the past 5 years hasn’t been any rosier, as official numbers for Black unemployment once approached 20% under his watch with unofficial numbers for Black male adults and Black youth joblessness hitting depression-era levels. From comments by Attorney General Eric Holder in February 2009 to the “take off your bedroom slippers…put on your marching shoes…” statement from the president himself as he geared up for his re-election bid – all alongside events such as the Trayvon Martin tragedy and others – this president has not bridged Black America over recent troubled waters.
“With this all in the rear view mirror along with the tough roads of high unemployment, large education and economic disparities, and the New Jim Crow threatening Black youth in an ongoing fashion, now is not the time for President Obama, leading Black politicians and civil rights leaders, or the rest of America to merely reflect upon the accomplishments of those of African-American descent during the month of February.

“Tangible goals that elevate the cumulative GPA of Black students across the nation by 0.5 of a grade point should be put into place by Black leaders and educators, giving us a new standard of excellence to shoot towards over the next 5-10 years. This modest goal, if accomplished, would provide America a newly-capable pool of talent that is active in the pursuit of academic prowess and life-changing innovation. Tangible goals that encourage business investment in urban areas and a rise in Black entrepreneurship over the next 5 years can shift the focus from spreading wealth in America to growing wealth across the diversity of America. This new reality would impact the abilities of fathers and mothers to maintain economic optimism and family stability for their children as we seek to overcome the lingering effects of the Great Recession.”

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“The Time is Now to Follow Mandela’s Legacy, Not Just Reflect Upon It” (December 9, 2013)

In Articles on December 10, 2013 at 2:47 pm
Mandela jail

“It is a hope for America that the sunset of Mandela’s life can shine a sanitizing light of hope for a new direction in politics, race relations, civic engagement, and society building as we move past the woes of the past decade in America. If a political prisoner can become president, a divided house can stand united together again.”

NEW YORK CITY (December 9, 2013) – “For conservatives, this moment in world history provides an opportunity for us collectively to examine our rhetoric, perspectives, and actions concerning issues of race and discrimination… For far too long…we have stood on the sidelines in addressing the clear disparities between race and demographics regarding economic vitality, academic success, employment stability, and health sustainability…The friendship that grew between America and Mandela…must serve as a lesson learned by conservatives on how and why we must be present in the vigilant fight for justice in all realms…For progressives, this crossroads is another point where the power of leadership and focused patriotism must hold gravitas over the desire to win political optics…(w)inning popularity polls or manufactured debates in Congress does not win…the future moving forward. As long as hyper-partisanship from the left continues the separation of America through its winner-take-all mentality, the legacy of Mandela…is lost upon President Obama and his party leaders.”


Conservative commentator and social activist Lenny McAllister gives his take on the lessons America needs to grasp from the legacy of Nelson Mandela in his weekly article on Global Grind (the popular website founded by music mogul Russell Simmons).


Read “The Time is Now to Follow Mandela’s Legacy, Not Just Reflect Upon It” on the Global Grind website by clicking the link or clicking the picture above.


GOP Lack of Diversity Led to Government Shutdown?

In Articles on October 3, 2013 at 3:05 pm

“My party’s inability over the past few years to show a diversity of perspectives…within the confines of true conservatism has limited Republicans…when taking on legislative battles.”

NEW YORK CITY (October 3, 2013) –  Lenny McAllister (the “Working Man’s Conservative”), Republican strategist and pundit, and former congressional candidate, posts his first article on Global Grind after renewing the partnership he had with the publication from 2008-2010.

His post, “GOP Lack of Diversity Strikes Again with Obamacare Shutdown” is featured on the hip hop website founded by mogul Russell Simmons and run by activist Michael Skolnik.

“The diversity that the Republican Party needs – both for its own sake as well as for a better political dynamic that benefits the American people – is a diversity that incorporates diversity of color and diversity of thought, both captured within the philosophical parameters that allowed Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Edward Brooke, and Jack Kemp to share the same party allegiance,” McAllister states in the article. “Conservatism based on the freedom afforded by the Constitution must go back to freeing us to create the solutions…that benefit all Americans, not just satisfy ones living in red states or Republican-leaning districts. Even if Democrats never do this, Republicans must do so immediately…”

Read the whole article “GOP Lack of Diversity Strikes Again with Obamacare Shutdown” on the Global Grind website.  Also catch the October 3 version of “Get Right with Lenny McAllister” by clicking the hyperlink HERE. Hear “The McAllister Minute” on the American Urban Radio Network, as the nationally-syndicated commentary is aired on over 400 stations throughout the AURN network.

Ending Gun Violence with Actual Corrective Measures, not Corroding Gun Rights

In Articles on June 4, 2013 at 4:37 pm
Riverdale Y promo

“There is no courage necessary in forcing the law-abiding to follow yet another law; however, there is a need for true political courage and leadership to tackle the issue of American urban gun violence and bring back the generationally-disillusioned from the throes of destruction…It is much more difficult – yet much more necessary – to create new conditions that take illegal guns away from those that have little else to put their hands around.” (Lenny McAllister, Rose Dialogue Series Speaker (June 5 2013, Bronx, NY)

(This post may also be found on Global Grind as well.)


To end the problem of everyday gun violence throughout America, the primary focus should be on business growth, not bullets


Sadly, each one of us has felt the sting of gun violence.


Some of us experience this pain through the national connection we bear, watching the pain of Newtown tug at our national heartstrings in a new and horrible way, compounding the pain of Aurora, CO and Arizona with the grim reality that the Connecticut tragedy robbed America of  young, innocent children.


Some of us experience this pain at the wrong end of a gun by becoming the victim of a crime- like my father did almost two decades ago before spending a food-less year full of surgeries on the path to recovery afterwards. Sometimes, pain comes through cruel carelessness in a random moment – like the loss of my young cousin Chelsea in an accidental shooting. In these situations, too many families and loved ones are left to scramble in attempts to save lives, make sense of the tragedies, and make the most of the unimaginable.


Some of us understand the costly role that gaps in mental health awareness and activism have had on the nation regarding gun violence over recent years. There are clear ways that we can avoid some of the devastation that we have collectively experienced through the application of current laws as well as specific laws designed to keep access to guns out of the reach of those struggling with mental health challenges.


Many of us, however, fail to grasp the reality that faces us in stopping the everyday gun violence that impacts so many lives, from the streets of New York City to here in Chicago and beyond:


The best way to control gun violence is not by controlling legal guns – it is by actively and successfully encouraging economic growth in areas most impacted by illegal guns and subsequent violence in America. The best way to keep people from pursuing using guns illegally to perpetrate the violence that we endure nationally is to establish more pathways to better pursuits: jobs, careers, and stability.


Too often, addressing gun violence involves some legislation or proposal that requests more from law-abiding, weapons-trained, middle class Americans. In exchange, we wrongly believe that this will have an impact on the underclass accessing and using guns illegally as a result of their hopeless realities that are increasingly forged by failing (or closing) schools, high rates of unemployment, and limited access to health care services. This line of logic – backwards in nature and notably inept when considering that many of the current gun laws on the books have been both ineffective and unenforced – merely scores our improper focus on dealing with weapons without dealing with the people behind them.


Give more people a job, a career, and a stable life to hold onto and they will not have enough hands to grab illegal guns for urban violence through America.


The time, attention, and debate over gun control must not be about controlling the accessibility of guns by law-abiding Americans. It must be about controlling gun violence. Because urban gun violence in America primarily exists to fill the community void left by years of urban neglect and political mismanagement, the effort to control gun violence must involve remedies that address the actual problems that prompt gun violence – a reality spurred by illegal gun ownership.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to involve the business community of Chicago in an attempt to stem potential summer violence is a potential great first step. However, efforts like these must be forged with active business mentoring opportunities, apprenticeships, internships, and jobs that provide paths from entry-level positions to career openings. Those that overwhelmingly engage in gun violence throughout America – most often chronicled through the prison industrial complex – do not need more laws that they will skirt without options for a better life. These Americans do not need more pep talks about “just say no” or “just work hard and past ills don’t matter” to help them get over the temptation of pursuing illegal means to alleviate family pain or social ills – they need better life options, both during the formidable years of their youth as well as during times of shortcomings. These Americans need more legislation that will make having a growth of blue-collar, grey-collar, and green-collar jobs in American urban areas a viable and practical solution starting in 2013. These Americans need GOP-driven tax policies that cut taxes for many to successfully encourage small businesses and the privileged to invest more in under-utilized human capital throughout the nation. These Americans need more Democratic-driven programs to yield community and family stability for 90 years, not merely 90 days during the summer.


As we have learned from the War on Drugs, the aggressive tactics of former Mayor Giuliani in the 1990s throughout New York City, even the best of police tactics to lock up gang members and others using illegal guns to terrorize merely produce openings for the next generation to fill the criminal void if that space is not sealed with stable stepping stones, not empty hopes and actions. There is no courage necessary in forcing the law-abiding to follow yet another law; however, there is a need for true political courage and leadership to tackle the issue of American urban gun violence and bring back the generationally-disillusioned from the throes of destruction. It’s easy to take guns away from the law-abiding through additional laws. It is much more difficult – yet much more necessary – to create new conditions that take illegal guns away from those that have little else to put their hands around. Until we get our hands around this concept, we will continue to go around and around on the gun debate – even while the murder rates in places such as Chicago continue to hit dizzying levels of our shared pain.


Lenny McAllister is the “Working Man’s Conservative” featured at the Rosedale Dialogue Series debate/discussion, “Gun Control or Out of Control” opposite Global Grind editor-in-chief Michael Skolnik June 5th at the Riverdale Y in the Bronx starting at 6pm. Lenny is a noted media personality, public speaker, writer, author, and rising leader that has “… a mission to make positive changes to the status quo within politics, societal matters, and other issues that hamper our American way of life …” Featured as one of the “40 Under 40 to Watch in 2012” by the historic newspaper The Chicago Defender, he has been featured in several publications, including Essence, Chicago Crusader, and Charlotte Magazine. “The McAllister Minute,” a regular feature of the American Urban Radio Network, runs on more than 300 stations nationwide.