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WATCH: McAllister, Johnson Discuss 3rd Presidential Debate (on HLN’s “Weekend Express”)

In Video on October 21, 2012 at 7:13 pm

McAllister discusses the third presidential debate with political scientist Dr. Jason Johnson (Hiram College) on Sunday’s “Weekend Express with Natasha Curry”.

WASHINGTON (October 21, 2012) – Republican strategist Lenny McAllister and political scientist Dr. Jason Johnson (Hiram College) talks with Natasha Curry on HLN’s “Weekend Express with Natasha Curry” to discuss what Americans can expect from President Obama and Governor Romney in the final presidential debate on Monday October 22.

Catch the spirited conversation by clicking the embedded video above or by clicking HERE.

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LISTEN: Brad Bannon vs. Lenny McAllister (The Big Question Mock Debate on Wisconsin Public Radio October 3, 2012)

In Audio on October 3, 2012 at 12:57 pm

(WISCONSIN) October 3, 2012: (From Wisconsin Public Radio):

The first of three presidential debates is Wednesday night in Denver with the two candidates discussing domestic policy. Joy Cardin’s guests weigh in on jobs and the economy, the debt and health care, and welcome your thoughts on this week’s Big Question: If the election were held today, which candidate would get your vote?


– Brad Bannon, President, Bannon Communications Research.


– Lenny McAllister, conservative commentator, former talk radio host, and author, “Spoken Thoughts of an Amalgamated Advocate in Today’s America.”

LISTEN to the debate by clicking on the picture above, the provided link (, or by visiting the Joy Cardin archives on

WATCH: Lenny McAllister on Joy Behar’s “Say Anything” on Current TV

In Upcoming Appearances, Video on September 14, 2012 at 7:19 pm

Political commentator and Republican strategist Lenny McAllister joined familiar political foe Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman for a discussion with host Joy Behar on “Say Anything”, the new Current TV nightly talk show September 13.

Republican strategist and author Lenny McAllister appeared on the new Current TV nightly talk show, “Say Anything”. Catch him speaking opposite Democratic pundit Robert Zimmerman as host Joy Behar moderates the conversation. Watch the segment by clicking the picture above or by clicking this link HERE



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WATCH: Lenny McAllister Talks Convention Season on Canada’s Sun News Network

In Video on September 9, 2012 at 9:39 am

Republican commentator Lenny McAllister talks with Sun News Network’s Brian Dunstan to review the two conventions and what political party has more momentum at the start of the general election season.
Catch the engaging question-and-answer session by clicking the picture above or by visiting the Sun News Network home page (
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Do the Bad Numbers Add Up to A Lead for Obama or Romney?

In Articles on August 7, 2012 at 5:07 pm

Both President Obama and former Governor Romney have reasons to be excited about the upcoming election, yet both also have very real concerns for their campaigns, highlighted in recently released numbers.

The latest unemployment numbers say that President Obama is in trouble in November. The latest poll numbers indicate otherwise. That leads to the question: who’s in more trouble with the economic numbers and the polling information turning as it has over recent weeks?


Looking at the economic numbers that have come out over the past few weeks, one could easily conclude that President Obama is in deep trouble coming to “convention season” and the general election campaign.

GDP growth over the last quarter was weak once again. Job growth is higher than expected yet much lower than what is needed. The unemployment rate – once hoped to have stayed capped at 8% after the president’s stimulus package – now sits at 8.3%. For minorities in America, unemployment rates are in the double digits.

Yet, with all of the bad economic numbers, controversies swirling around the “Fast and Furious” debacle and other high-profile issues hammering this administration over the past 4 years, the path is clear for a Republican presidential candidate to overtake President Obama for the White House starting in January 2013.

In polls leading up to former Governor Mitt Romney’s ascension as the Republican nominee, that generic Republican presidential candidate was regularly beating Mr. Obama in the polls.

Yet, that doesn’t seem to be the case now, as evidenced in recent polls coming from several key battleground states. In contrast, surveyed voters seem to trust Mr. Romney over President Obama when it comes to turning around this economy, especially after 4 years of a lagging recovery under the 44th president.
Economic numbers indicate that Romney will have the clear advantage going into the fall. The polls show Obama with a 6-point lead despite those disappointing figures.


With this race as close as it is at this point, the anomalies that continue from trend-breaking and history-making facts and figures in 2012 only illustrate the willingness of the campaigns to push their message in order to shape public opinion…the only way to glean which candidate is in command with his message, persona, and campaign implementation as the true lead dog this fall is to listen intently to how each candidate position matches up directly with the competition.


At this point, both camps have woes that can’t be ignored or overlooked based on the latest numbers this week. For the incumbent president, the ongoing economic disappointments likely prompted President Obama to get serious about particular fringe issues for his base in 2012 – from immigration to education for Black America and gay marriage – only when pushed by ongoing bad polling figures and worse unemployment numbers since the 2010 mid-term losses Democrats endured. For the challenger, the ongoing lag in the polls prompts Governor Romney to pull together a modified strategy that hopes to do more than merely highlight the economic peril of the nation, as that does not seem to be enough to make Americans vote against President Obama and place Mr. Romney into the White House in January. For both, the numbers probably translate into the overall lack of inspiration that more Americans are feeling from either candidate and perhaps the American set of politicians at this juncture.


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The Point Behind the Inspiration Gap

In Articles on July 31, 2012 at 10:05 am

Sadly, Americans see presidential ads and other campaign messages everywhere, but seem to find little uplifting inspiration within the candidacies.

Despite the onslaught of SuperPAC ads and campaign efforts, many voters are fired up about beating the other guy – not upholding their own firebrand – so far in this 2012 general election.

This isn’t quite the way that President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney prefer it, but if it leads to a win in November, they’ll take it.

The enthusiasm level is down for both. For much of their bases, this election is almost more about beating (and beating up, through negative ads and the like) the other guy than it is about winning with a candidate of choice.

As a result, independent voters do not seem to have much of a lead to follow in the quest to be inspired to vote for a candidate for president instead of against a candidate.

The liberal left has found itself at odds with this administration over the course of the past 4 years at varying times, thus keeping the desire to go full bore with support at bay. Criticism of the ongoing increased use of drone attacks overseas and the decision to extend the Bush-era tax rates after the 2010 mid-term elections are just some of the presidential moves that make some on the far left believe Mr. Obama has not done enough over the course of his term.

Aside from observing the flaws in the armor of the once-invincible candidate Obama, Republican supporters of presidential nominee Mitt Romney have not shown instances of exuding high levels of enthusiasm, either. Slow-to-turn advocates including former rivals Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum highlight the resistance that much of the hard-core right has had with embracing Romney has their firebrand. Even with the obvious vulnerabilities that this incumbent president faces, Republicans have had the hardest time mustering up the same energy to get behind Mr. Romney as they have held for 4 years being against Mr. Obama.

All of this is fortunate because, at this point of time in American history, the nation needs a big jolt in the arm from a leader that can inspire the nation to push past the economic and social woes that we continue to endure.

However, at a time when more Americans perhaps need more inspiration after 4 more years of painful economic numbers, heightened social tension, and an onslaught of negative political campaigns, no one seems to be capable of rising above the fray to the point of inspiring voters, not discouraging them.

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Chicago Public Radio’s “Afternoon Shift”: Presidential Candidates Vie for Key Voting Blocs

In Audio on June 25, 2012 at 7:45 pm

Lenny McAllister in Springfield, Illinois, giving a keynote address in April 2011.


Lenny McAllister, senior contributor to Politic365 and Republican strategist and political personality, debates Democratic political media strategist (and Obama Re-election Campaign insider) Chris Sautter on the must-have voting blocs for the men vying for the presidency in 2012 on Afternoon Shift on Chicago Public Radio.

Click the picture above to hear the MP3 of the broadcast or click HERE to listen on the Chicago Public Radio website.

Lenny McAllister on CNN Newsroom (Mothers’ Day 2012)

In Video on June 3, 2012 at 12:05 am

CHICAGO, IL – Lenny McAllister, one of the most watched commentators in America, was the featured political commentator on May 13 with anchor Fredricka Whitfield during CNN Newsroom.


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Lenny on CNN – February 13

In Video on February 13, 2012 at 5:11 pm

CHICAGO, IL – Lenny McAllister, senior contributor at, appears on a CNN panel discussing Governor Mitt Romney’s CPAC straw poll win.

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