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“Black History Month 2015 Matters for American Greatness Tomorrow”

In Video on February 16, 2015 at 12:09 am
Harlem Renaissance Revisited

“If Black Lives Mattered in 2014, will Black Lives Prosper as a result in 2015? Will national protests over recent months lead to noteworthy progress in the days ahead? And will Black History Month be a springboard into historic moments or just a reflection of a proud past?”

PITTSBURGH, PA (February 13, 2015): “The first African-American professional basketball team was founded. It was call “The Renaissance”. Of course, there are other renaissances that we know of – the European Renaissance of the middle ages – the Harlem renaissance that impacted areas from Sugar Hill in New York City to Sugar Top here in Pittsburgh. I think that, now, we are at the beginning of a new renaissance in America…where 3 generations must come together in a vital partnership to combat long-standing issues of economic, educational, and employment inequalities while – at the same time – taking on the community struggles of broken families and neighborhood violence.”

Political and social commentator Lenny McAllister (Host, “NightTalk: Get to the Point”) uses his Starting Point commentary to spark the vision of a “new renaissance” of Black thought leadership, activism, and progress to being the February 13 episode of “Get To The Point” on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel.

A Black Renaissance is necessary for a truly resurgent America. Black history month 2015 must be the springboard. Do we love America enough to see the Americans on the other side of society’s worst statistics and end the obstacles that hold them – and all of us – back from greatness? Black history month is not just about blacks in history. For America’s sake, it must be about blacks making history, starting this month…”

The Starting Point commentary from the February 13 episode can be viewed by clicking the picture above or by clicking HERE


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