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“Valentine’s Day 2014: Fathers, Fall in Love With Our Children Again”

In Articles on February 16, 2014 at 6:15 pm
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“We must also fight for the sanctity of Black parenthood in the face of the “ghettoization” of Black adulthood and the degradation of Black womanhood. Black fathers can dually address, attack, and re-calibrate these realities with a stabilization of the Black family internally and the image of the Black household externally.”

WASHINGTON, DC / PITTSBURGH (February 14, 2014) – (Courtesy The Burton Wire)

…Black fathers should make Valentine’s Day this year about our kids and graduating more from absenteeism to fatherhood to dadhood…I’m pretty sure that our wives will understand.

Not that fatherhood should be a once-a-year phenomenon akin to how folks find love for Mom on the second Sunday in May or many Christians find religion – and church – on the 25th of December and Easter Sunday in the spring. However, with the continued build-up of odds against Black children in modern-day America – from the double unemployment rates (confirmed again in this past Friday’s jobs report), horrifying incarceration rates, and mortality rates – the best thing that we can do for our children this February 14 is fall in love with our children all over again in a stronger, fuller way. Perhaps this is the beginning of elevating more of our brothers from boyhood to fatherhood?


Granted, there are plenty of Black fathers that already love their children – deeply. I’m the same way…I have loved being a dad since the moment I found out that I was becoming a father at 21-years-old…slept with the sonogram picture…underneath my pillow every night…raised my older two children as a divorcee and primary caregiver while I was finishing up…at Davidson College… became a dad two more times just over the past few years….I enjoy being a father and a husband daily. I always have and I always will enjoy fatherhood with a zeal that only the love of parenthood and the crystallization of modern society can foster.”

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