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LISTEN: McAllister Talks to WEAA as Holder Talks Cutting “Mandatory-Minimum” Sentences

In Audio on August 18, 2013 at 2:07 pm
Eric Holder August 2013

“It seems like a move in the right direction…if we want to re-strengthen our nation, we cannot continue to throw away young talent that can be useful from decades as productive citizens because of actions that were committed during their regrettable days in the fog of youth.” (McAllister on modifying how the criminal justice system deals with some impacted by “mandatory-minimum” sentencing)


BALTIMORE  (August 15, 2013– (Courtesy The Marc Steiner Show) 

We turn to national news, focusing first on Attorney General Eric Holder’s speech this week about cutting mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders. (In addition to Lenny McAllister), our guests include:

  • Neill Franklin, Executive Director of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) and a 33-year police veteran;
  • ER Shipp, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Journalist-in-Residence and Associate Professor of Journalism at MorganStateUniversity; and
  • Brentin Mock, New Orleans-based journalist and reporter for Colorlines.


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