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WATCH: McAllister Talks “Black Tea” With Hill, HuffPost Live

In Video on June 11, 2013 at 9:52 am
BLack Tea on HuffPost #1

“Black Tea Party Member Says Malcolm X Was First Black Tea Partyer”
Catch the Wednesday segment on HuffPost Live hosted by Dr. Marc Lamont Hill with Katrina Pierson, Kevin J. Dotson, Lenny McAllister, and Niger Innis.

NEW YORK CITY (June 5, 2013) – (Courtesy HuffPost Live) A new documentary features the stories of African Americans who have chosen to affiliate with the Tea Party. What influences race, identity, membership and the nuances of political choice in the twenty-first century’s “post-racial” America?

Originally aired on June 5, 2013


Hosted by: Marc Lamont Hill


Kevin J. Dotson @kevin_j_dotson (New York , NY) Director of ‘Black Tea: The New Civil Right’

Lenny McAllister @Lennymcallister (New York , NY) Republican Strategist and Author

Katrina Pierson @KatrinaPierson (Dallas, TX) Conservative Republican

Niger Innis @3568NI (Washington, DC) National Spokesman for Congress of Racial Equality; Chief Strategist for TheTeaParty.Net

Click HERE to watch the show on HuffPost Live or click the picture above.


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