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McAllister to Debate Gun Control Live in The Bronx June 5

In Articles on May 15, 2013 at 11:15 am
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“…the issue of gun violence in our communities is not a matter of gun control – it is a matter concerning the lack of widespread economic vitality. Once we successfully address (that)…our neighborhoods will become (more stable and) stronger…”

NEW YORK (May 15, 2013) – “Primarily, the issue of gun violence in our communities is not a matter of gun control – it is a matter concerning the lack of widespread economic vitality. Once we successfully address the economic death that lingers in our communities, our families will become more stable, our schools will become better funded and more capable, and our neighborhoods will become stronger – all forcing the allure of gun violence and the subsequent loss of life to lessen its grip on our youth and tragic impact on our lives.”


Lenny McAllister, the “Working Man’s Conservative”, Republican strategist and pundit, and former congressional candidate (Illinois-2nd) will be a featured panelist in the Rose Dialogue Series debate, “Gun Control or Out of Control?” on June 5 in New York City. The series is hosted by the Riverdale Y in the Bronx.

McAllister will appear opposite Michael Skolnik, administrator and political director for hip hop mogul Russell Simmons. The discussion will be led by Fox News Contributor Sally Kohn.

Tickets for this exciting night of dialogue are $18.  Reservations can be made at or clicking the picture above.


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A Fundamental Choice About Fundamental Change

In Articles on July 25, 2012 at 9:33 pm

Every time we deal with another incident that threatens our safety as Americans, we have to ask: are we willing to relinquish freedoms as citizens in the pursuit of greater security?

Whether it is Chicago or Colorado, gun violence is gripping the nation. Yet, we have to decide: is it enough to change our nation at the most basic levels?


I know that we are all feeling pain over the recent rash of violence gripping our nation today. You can’t walk down a street on the south side of Chicago after dusk without fear of gunfire.


You can’t head to a local movie theater for an anticipated premiere without the worst possible scenario playing out.


Yet, as I have said before, I say again: We cannot choose to fundamentally change America when we face these terrors, especially as we know that we will never be able to fundamentally change the dynamics of free will and evil on the earth.


It is very easy to blame the NRA or rally the cause for rigid gun regulations, as if putting some sort of gun purchasing limits in place will be the remedy to prevent any more tragedies by way of gunfire.


Yet, we have to ask the question: can limiting gun purchases also prohibit evil Americans from plotting the worst?


Do we have the capability – or even the political and social desire – to fundamentally change the freedoms that we enjoy in America? And, by the way, what measurable good would it do? Did Chicago – once known as Beirut by the Lake in the 1980s – become a bastion of community safety on its west and south sides of the city during its decades-long gun ban?


Sure, we have added and removed amendments from the Constitution before, so the 2nd Amendment could be in play if those in power in America – both the elected officials and the electorate themselves – actually pushed for it. However, what good would it do?


Both the United States Constitution – and the Provider of the rights protected by that document – grant Americans the ability to perform the greatest good and the most horrible evil in this nation on a daily basis. The same document that allows for inspiring free speech also affords bigots and racists the chance to voice their vile perspectives with the same protection given the civil rights leaders of the past. The same document that ensures a republican form of democracy also had to institute multiple amendments to make sure that minorities and women could vote with equal protection under the law.


America – much like life- provides just enough freedom to permit evil in our imperfect world. There will never be enough legislation to keep us completely safe or provide civic assurances in our nation without fundamentally changing the nation. If we are willing to change the 2nd Amendment in the interest of keeping us all safe, what’s next? Can we limit the 1st Amendment further to make sure that those that feel “threatened” are protected at the risk of restricting the free speech of others? Can we do – as some have suggested for the sake of “preserving the Union” – put proficiency tests into place for potential voters so that we have assurances that our citizen government is created through a more-educated voting base? We can always find something to put into place to “keep us safe”, even as we overlook the long-term detriment from the short-term action.


Therefore, we have a choice, yet again.


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