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While Romney and Obama are Focused on #Winning, American Democracy Continues to Lose

In Articles on August 11, 2012 at 8:49 pm

If America continues down this path politically, the definition of American liberty will be defined through the prisms of Super PAC ads, character assassination, and image consultants while distancing everyday people from political power.


Through all of the cantankerous and inaccurate political ads hitting airwaves this fall, some candidates will emerge as winners in November. The question is: who loses?

Like it or not, each instance of negative campaigning that blatantly crosses the lines of ethical responsibility, above-board political decorum, and basic truthfulness resonates as an opportunity for Americans to choose whether or not the tone of politics is acceptable collectively. Considering the level of crisis that we are facing in this nation – from economic instability to social upheaval through urban violence- it should be an easy choice to make. Any distraction that shifts the primary attention of candidates and voters away from immediately overcoming the obstacles that we face could be seen as a sign of a failure of servant, focused leadership. Instead, these ads and other forms of campaign messages from both sides of the aisle are condoned (if not flat-out encouraged) as long as they benefit one’s position of choice.

That, in turn, makes Americans take the losing position on advancing the country overall.

Say what you want about the Citizens United decision from 2010, the Romney Super PACS from Iowa in 2011, or President Obama’s reversal with public financing in 2008. The atmosphere to strive with these campaign strategies can only be sustained if the voting public supports the short-sighted, “entertain me” attitude that is necessary to make catchy, emotionally-based ads more popular (and more important to a campaign) than informative, truthful ads.


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The Point Behind the Inspiration Gap

In Articles on July 31, 2012 at 10:05 am

Sadly, Americans see presidential ads and other campaign messages everywhere, but seem to find little uplifting inspiration within the candidacies.

Despite the onslaught of SuperPAC ads and campaign efforts, many voters are fired up about beating the other guy – not upholding their own firebrand – so far in this 2012 general election.

This isn’t quite the way that President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney prefer it, but if it leads to a win in November, they’ll take it.

The enthusiasm level is down for both. For much of their bases, this election is almost more about beating (and beating up, through negative ads and the like) the other guy than it is about winning with a candidate of choice.

As a result, independent voters do not seem to have much of a lead to follow in the quest to be inspired to vote for a candidate for president instead of against a candidate.

The liberal left has found itself at odds with this administration over the course of the past 4 years at varying times, thus keeping the desire to go full bore with support at bay. Criticism of the ongoing increased use of drone attacks overseas and the decision to extend the Bush-era tax rates after the 2010 mid-term elections are just some of the presidential moves that make some on the far left believe Mr. Obama has not done enough over the course of his term.

Aside from observing the flaws in the armor of the once-invincible candidate Obama, Republican supporters of presidential nominee Mitt Romney have not shown instances of exuding high levels of enthusiasm, either. Slow-to-turn advocates including former rivals Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum highlight the resistance that much of the hard-core right has had with embracing Romney has their firebrand. Even with the obvious vulnerabilities that this incumbent president faces, Republicans have had the hardest time mustering up the same energy to get behind Mr. Romney as they have held for 4 years being against Mr. Obama.

All of this is fortunate because, at this point of time in American history, the nation needs a big jolt in the arm from a leader that can inspire the nation to push past the economic and social woes that we continue to endure.

However, at a time when more Americans perhaps need more inspiration after 4 more years of painful economic numbers, heightened social tension, and an onslaught of negative political campaigns, no one seems to be capable of rising above the fray to the point of inspiring voters, not discouraging them.

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Does the White Elephant About the White Guy Really Matter If He Can Get the US Out of the Red?

In Articles on July 28, 2012 at 11:03 am

Republican presidential nominee and former governor Mitt Romney may come across as detached and unrelatable, but does it matter if he proves from now to November that he’s better-equipped to lead the US economy?


Even if Mitt Romney continues to be painted as the “whitest”, gaffe-prone, most “out-of-touch” presidential candidate in decades by the media, campaign ads, and even his own actions, does it really matter if he can prove to provide a jobs-filled economy better than President Obama starting next January?


It does seem like it keeps coming: the slams against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on everything from stinging campaign ads painting him as the rich fat-cat type that puts his money over America’s prosperity to criticism from London over his (fairly benign and previously noted) comments over previous issues concerning Olympic security as the Summer Games began overseas.

Even when the controversy is not directly coming from Mr. Romney, there are times when it swirls around and from his camp. Such was the case recently when multiple Republican supporters publicly pushed the former Massachusetts governor to release more tax returns to satisfy calls for additional financial disclosure. Flak also came Romney’s way when former New Hampshire governor John Sununu questioned if President Obama “…knew how to be an American…”

And yet, truthfully, none of it really matters – not with the GDP numbers that came out this week, the on-going jobs situation in the nation (including the 14.4% unemployment rate in the Black community), and the impending unemployment numbers coming out for July on Friday.

How much does the elephant in the room really matter to voters – the one that keeps pointing out that, in contrast to the first Black president running for re-election on the Democrats’ ticket, the GOP has one of the most atypical, non-diverse, and “boring White guys” running for president this fall that it could have chosen on its slate.

That contrast makes the media, image, and style match-ups poor ones for the GOP as they go against the incumbent. The GOP and Romney camps do not want more pop culture comparisons between the smooth-crooning, Chicago-based incumbent and the rigid, hard-to-connect-to Mormon. Yet, as long as President Obama has to answer for on-going bad economic numbers, fears of another recession on the horizon, and position “evolutions” over the past few months that came through a need to strengthen a weary political base, there are plenty of opportunities for the Romney camp to pin Mr. Obama’s record to his campaign and watch the American people squirm in the process.

Whether we choose to admit it or not, the choice is becoming clearer each day: if Americans are willing to apply their 2008 criteria to the 2012 election, the guy with more Washington experience during a historic economic crisis (without any real hope for turnaround in sight) loses the election to the new guy in town, despite the newbie’s questions within his record. Although culture did matter in 2008 – as everyone from first-time voters to Black Republicans such as Armstrong Williams wanted to be on “the right side of history” – the economy mattered more.

As a result, there is room for enough Americans to ignore the white elephant of pop culture contrasts between Romney and Obama in 2012 to elect Mitt Romney as the 45th President of the United States in November.


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Will Black America Go West or Fall Further South?

In Articles on June 22, 2012 at 8:26 am

Black Republicans such as Congressman Allen West (R-FL) are taking up the cause of conservatism and actively applying it to issues in the Black community. Is this enough to finally begin partnerships between Blacks and the GOP?

Congressman Allen West’s latest Black conservative forum forces Black America to ask: is the opposition to Black Republicans based on current needs or past expectations?


Not long into the latest edition of the Black Conservative Forum hosted by Congressman Allen West (R-FL), the question that has become increasingly louder in Black America is a simple one:

If Black Republicans – the scorn of Black America and the oft-described sell-outs amongst us – are actively discussing and pursuing economic development solutions for struggling Black communities, are they beginning to do enough to lift the cloud of distrust most have towards them?

It may be a question without a full answer for months, if not years, to come. Yet, it is a question being asked with stronger resonance now than over the past several decades.

With the conversions of several high-profile former Democrats over to the GOP within the past few years (including former Obama supporter and Alabama congressman Artur Davis) and the increased presence of Black Republicans in conversations that impact Black America in all areas, the perception that Black Republicans are unwilling to meet other African Americans where they are currently is no longer the reality. The frequency of these discussions, along with the overall tone of the rhetoric, is shifting towards a point where more Black people have discarded the awkwardness that comes with acknowledging and addressing the conservative force that is growing within our communities.

Without successful Black Republicans in the political, media, business, and civic realms taking Black America’s issues to the national forefront, there is little changing political willpower on Capitol Hill or within today’s partisan structures that force a higher level of accountability. Regardless of whether Black America admits it now or in the near future, it behooves them if Congressman West and others continue the charge of addressing issues that hamper Black America. Whether they approach the issues with far right-wing initiatives or bi-partisan proposals is vaguely important in comparison to the overall effort and significance.

If the emergence of a Black president, Black governors, Black mayors, and countless Black city officials – all under the same political party – is not enough to ebb the troubling trends we face as a people, the only other option appears to follow the path that West and others are blazing so that, at the very least, the paradigm shifts.


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What Should Black Republicans Ask For?

In Articles on June 3, 2012 at 12:31 am

Lenny McAllister

CHICAGO, IL (May 25, 2012) – The past 7 days brought forth the Republican presidential nominee’s biggest African American campaign hire and the largest collection of conservative African American speakers at one event in recent memory. While that’s fine and all, the questions remain prevalent: what should Black Republicans politically ask for and demand moving forward – and why does it matter to you?

These past 7 days have brought Black Republicans back into the front lines of political thought for a bevy of reasons.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney recently hired conservative pundit Tara Wall as a senior communications adviser for coalitions outreach. This came during the same week that Mr. Romney took the opportunity to visit West Philadelphia in an effort to bolster his support for extending school choice and educational reform as part of his platform, calling those issues “…the civil rights issue of our time…”

During the same week, the largest collection of Black conservative speakers to ever address a rally together spent the day down in rural Missouri to present an array of perspectives on Black conservatism, shining a diversity that shared ties with both the modern-day conservative movement and the historical obligations to Black America. After 4 years of having the first Black president in office, conservatives gathered a collection of Black thought leaders of the political right that included two former presidential candidates, authors, and other noted figures.

In Chicago, I sat with host Marc Lamont Hill on the set of “Our World with Black Enterprise” along with other Black Republicans. Over the course of the segment (tentatively set to air June 2nd-3rd), the four of us probed the issues facing the nation through the prism of Black conservatism.

Yet, I find myself coming back to the conversation on “The Intersection” hosted by Jeff Johnson last weekend. While I sat there as part of an intriguing debate with Roland Martin, Jeff Johnson, Elsa M. and callers, the question was brought up: what do you want specifically from these presidential candidates?

With all of the focus on Black Republicans this past week, this morphed into a larger, more pressing set of questions:

What do Black Republicans want? What should we require of the Republican Party moving forward in 2012? What should we stand for to benefit Black children and our communities? And what relationships should we demand between Black conservatives and the Black community at this point?

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You Can’t Blame Big Bad Republicans For Everything

In Articles on June 3, 2012 at 12:28 am

Lenny McAllister Writes About the Blame Game

CHICAGO, IL (May 31, 2012)  – The more gunfire rains down on Black communities, including innocent Black youths on the South Side of Chicago, the more that it should be frustratingly obvious that stale talking points and status quo approaches are not the way to go.

There is something wrong when residents of Chicago’s South Side hear the sounds of gunfire at night that are so strong it sounds like it’s raining outside.

There is something tragically worse when the best that elected Black leadership – at the local, state, and federal levels – can do is resort to the same stale talking points of blaming some big, bad Republican somewhere on the woes of our communities.

I heard the rhetoric on CNN. I watched in head-shaking amazement, listening to a Chicago alderman somehow reach for national partisan talking points to explain why his one-party ward in a one-party form of city government had so many recurring problems of violence and hopelessness in a city where Black power was once seated.

I heard the rhetoric as a humbled guest recently on a Detroit radio station. I listened as multiple Detroiters attempted – futilely – to explain how the monolithic voting patterns of Black people in the Motor City was beneficial to them, their children, and the city as a whole.

One glance at the aftermath of government budgets and ethics in Detroit along with reviewing employment and education issues there and the question is evident: how has that one-party, one-stop voting bloc for Black Detroiters worked out for them?

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Politic365 (April 21 2012 – McAllister’s Saturday Remix)

In Video on April 21, 2012 at 5:29 pm

CHICAGO, IL – “The more both sides say that race, culture, and politics are not intertwined in the upcoming elections, the more that they seem to be interlocked in 2012, so the choice is pretty clear.”

Politic365’s Lenny McAllister challenges both progressives and conservatives to address their definitions and approaches to political and social issues that have arisen as a result of “Stand Your Ground” cases in 2012.

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Politic365 McAllister’s Saturday Remix (March 17 2012)

In Video on March 17, 2012 at 5:34 pm

CHICAGO, IL – In a Republican plea for front-runners to stop preaching to voters and be more presidential instead, Politic 365 Sr. Contributor Lenny McAllister emphasizing the need for the GOP to avoid being pigeon-holed into a corner where discussions on social issues limit them.

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Politic365 McAllister’s Saturday Remix (March 10 2012)

In Video on March 10, 2012 at 5:37 pm

CHICAGO, IL – Politic 365’s Lenny McAllister discusses why the Obama Administration and the nation should continue to hold its collective breath after the latest unemployment numbers came out for February 2012 on this week’s version of “McAllister’s Saturday Remix”, an exclusive of


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CNN Newsroom “Fair Game” March 8 2012 (McAllister and Espinosa with host Kyra Phillips)

In Video on March 8, 2012 at 5:39 pm

CHICAGO, IL – contributor and Republican political commentator Lenny McAllister goes head-to-head with Democratic strategist and former DNC super-delegate Ed Espinosa on “Fair Game” on CNN Newsroom with host Kyra Phillips.


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