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LISTEN: The McAllister Minute (September 5 – September 11, 2012)

In The McAllister Minute on September 5, 2012 at 9:01 am

Touring during the political conventions season, Lenny McAllister delivers his latest version of “The McAllister Minute”, touching upon the need to restore voting rights for those that repaid their debts to society.


“The NAACP has begun an effort called “Restore The Vote” to ensure that Americans that have paid their debts to society after a crime receive full restoration of their voting rights as American citizens. I stand with the NAACP in that effort.

Any American leadership that will be successful in bringing our hurting nation back from the brink of the economic, social, and educational abyss that we face today must hold the highest level of moral and ethical authority. Winning in America must be about elevating the masses, not winning a numbers game based on the few.

The loss of this promise is a sad reason why Hope and Change from 2008 became Status Quo and Gridlock in Washington today. Republican wins in 2010 brought about the same marginal levels of national success based on the laser focus on winning – all while losing a little bit of ourselves.

Rebuilding the various communities of America to restrengthen our nation is going to take all willing and capable members participating in the process. Therefore, this election cannot be about who was allowed to vote and who was not. Any politician or political entity that cannot differentiate between voter validation and empowerment efforts and voter suppression maneuvers regarding these waves of voter ID laws hitting Florida, Virginia, and my native Pennsylvania – is not trying to empower you…or America…for the great American comeback of the 21st Century.

We can do better. Let’s empower people and win elections on the merits and not disenfranchise people and lose the Civil Rights progress of the past 60 years.”


Catch the latest version of “The McAllister Minute” by clicking the picture above or by visiting the American Urban Radio Network website by clicking HERE.


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Black Republicans: Bolster Voter Validation Efforts, Stop Voter Suppression – Yes, Both Can Be Done

In Articles on July 30, 2012 at 12:16 pm

Controversial issues such as Voter ID laws should find Black Republicans actively on the front lines of artfully conveying the conservative standpoint and articulating advocacy for constitutionally-based Black suffrage.

Without the unique positioning of Black Republicans to mitigate the differences between appropriate voter validation efforts and unethical voter suppression actions, the GOP will remain cast as civil rights villains – and the nation loses as a result.

Can there be voter validation efforts through the nation – particularly in this heated election year – without those efforts wading into the shark-infested waters of voter suppression?

Most progressives – and most minorities in America these days – say no. Yet, there is a way, but that path must be laid and led by Black Republicans.

Although there have been some Black conservatives that have supported efforts that have put into question access to voting moving forward, there is a large segment of Black Republicans that believe in upholding the civil rights efforts of the past.

…no one is better suited to balance the efforts of voter validation than Black Republicans. Yet, as has been argued before, these conservatives must take their efforts to both the GOP party ranks and the Black community simultaneously. If Black Republicans are not willing to push back on voter ID efforts that, in their yield, prevent Black citizens from being able to vote in 2012 without appropriate Constitutional cause, then they must be willing and active in modifying the arguments, efforts, and laws that cause this unfortunate reality. Despite the rhetoric from many Black conservatives, today’s political environment does promote some instances where Black Republicans must be dutifully aware of the history of discrimination in America and how it has consistently impacted Black people in this nation – from slavery to Jim Crow to voting rights. If anyone has the capability of making sure that voter ID laws are about validating voters and not suppressing the Black vote, it must be the active Black Republican, a politico that must be both aware of the realities of sanctuary cities and one-stop voting and the vile re-introduction of racism in American political discourse. A semblance of hope for balance and political civility for Black America (and the nation overall) could sprout from a successful and appropriate Black Republican role in this debate…


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