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Starting Point – Jan 23, 2015 (PCNC’s NT: Get to the Point)

In Video on January 26, 2015 at 3:32 pm

New Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) addresses the crowd during his January 20th Inauguration in Harrisburg.

PITTSBURGH CABLE NEWS CHANNEL (January 23, 2015): “Profound leadership is capable of identifying and capturing key moments of time to inspire communities to noteworthy action, all for the sake of changing the course of history for the better. It takes a tone that elevates past rhetoric and wish lists – partisanship and apathy – broken trust, broken promises, and a broken past…Being a high-profile public speaker and being an orator are two different things. One communicates ideas – one inspires positive change.”


Political commentator Lenny McAllister (host, “NightTalk: Get to the Point”) uses his “Starting Point” commentary to start of the PCNC Friday evening show to discuss the challenges addressed by the new governor of Pennsylvania and the lame-duck President of the United States during their January 20 speeches.  


McAllister’s Starting Point from the Jan 23 episode can be found HERE


NightTalk: Get to the Point” is hosted by Lenny McAllister and airs on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel live on Friday nights at 8pm with an encore presentation on Mondays at 5pm.

PCNC can be seen in the Pittsburgh television market on Channel 35 on Comcast systems and Channel 9 on Verizon FIOS. It is the “sister-station” to NBC affiliate WPXI and broadcasts from WPXI-TV’s state-of-the-art studios. As the cable outlet of NBC affiliate WPXI, the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel reaches over 850,000 cable subscribers throughout Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia.


WATCH: Lenny McAllister Talks Bullet Tax on CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report”

In Video on October 19, 2012 at 9:25 am

Catch CNBC host Larry Kudlow speak with Lenny McAllister about the proposed bullet tax in Chicago on Thursday’s edition of “The Kudlow Report”

“This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of. It’s another example of an ivory-towered, highbrow solution from detached legislators. A lot of time, what you see from people that are often removed – often times from the very far left and progressives – are approaches from legislators that are detached from problems and giving highbrow solutions to issues that need folks to roll up their sleeves in order to resolve…(And to solve these problems, you must remove the apathy)….you have apathy (in Chicago)…you have these same types of approaches (such as the proposed Bullet Tax) that are supposed to resolve the same old types of problems (e.g., gun violence) and, as a result, you get the same old results (for kids in bad neighborhoods in Chicago)…”

WASHINGTON (October 18, 2012) – Conservative political commentator and urban community advocate Lenny McAllister (The Chicago Defender contributor and author, “Spoken Thoughts of an Amalgamated Advocate in Today’s America”) talks with “The Kudlow Report” host Larry Kudlow about the proposed bullet tax that Cook County (Chicago, IL) officials are considering to address the spike in violence in the Windy City.

Catch Lenny’s take on CNBC by clicking HERE to watch the segment on the CNBC website to you can enjoy the segment by clicking the picture above.

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