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Have We Minimized Fathers in Today’s America and Hurt Our Kids In the Process?

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Have the laws on the books stymied the impact that American fathers could have on American society today? Lenny McAllister tackles the issues during “NightTalk: Get To The Point”

PITTSBURGH (June 12, 2015) – Lenny McAllister uses his Starting Point commentary to start “NightTalk: Get To The Point” on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel to ask about the proper role of fathers in America today and if policies, social mores, and expectations have limited fathers’ effectiveness.

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Teen Mass Violence: The Non-Discriminatory American Epidemic

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Today’s teen violence is a problem that transcends race, gender, and socioeconomic level – and it’s likely a symptom of an adult problem


NEW YORK CITY/ PITTSBURGH (April 16, 2014) – (Courtesy Global Grind / BmoreGossip)


“As a native of Pittsburgh living here during the aftermath of the Franklin Regional High School tragedy last week and as a former resident on the south side of Chicago for several years, perhaps I have a unique perspective on the incidents of violence in America, especially youth-initiated violence and urban violence.


“And, despite what you may have heard from the pundits around the nation and the folks at your modern-day water cooler (be it real or via social media) recently, this is not about race, gender, creed, or socioeconomic level.


“The teen violence – and, notably, the mass violence – we continue to see across the nation from ongoing gang wars in Chicago to mass assaults in the “Era of Columbine” has less to do with how we educate our boys, the geographical locations of the tragedies, or the skin color of the assailants. Teen violence, urban violence, and mass violence – much of which being committed by people younger than 25 years old – are symptoms of an American problem, not a demographic problem.


“It’s as simple as that.”


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WATCH: Lenny McAllister On POTUS’ Chicago Visit (Feb 17 2013)

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Lenny McAllister talks to Sun News Network anchor Brian Dunston about President Obama's visit to Chicago in February 2013 to discuss urban violence.

Lenny McAllister talks to Sun News Network anchor Brian Dunston about President Obama’s visit to Chicago in February 2013 to discuss urban violence.


CHICAGO, IL (February 17, 2013) –  (Courtesy Sun News Network) Lenny McAllister joins Brian Dunstan to discuss Obama’s speech, appealing to blacks, and violence in Chicago.


Originally aired on February 17, 2013


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