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LISTEN: “The McAllister Minute” (January 23 – January 29, 2013)

In Audio, The McAllister Minute on January 28, 2013 at 1:23 pm

“If we continue down this path – one where Inaugural Addresses now sound more like they were written to swing voters in October instead of to a nation in need of healing at the beginning of a new year – we can only expect to hear more excuses and complaints from both the White House and Capitol Hill as we continue to get less done for the sake of you and me.”

“If the Inauguration of President Barack Obama this past Monday was any indication of the direction of the second term of the Obama Administration, then we are looking at more of the same, leaving the days of hope and change long behind us.


“The president was supposed to give a speech that gave the views of a visionary statesman, not the talking points of a victorious politician.


“Aren’t we finally tired of the back-and-forth of politicians using their multiple bully pulpits to beat their political opponents over the head, all while the American people continue to deal with reports of languishing employment numbers and depressing outlooks for the future? The appearance of political power in America – from both sides of the aisle at times – has been hallow and devoid of any inspirational ability to move decision-makers from gamesmanship to statesmanship.


“Someone has to change that toxic reality – and do so starting in 2013. This has to change, America, and it changes starting with voicing our demands for better results for our elected leaders. It is time to demand accountability for action and results, not rhetoric.”


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