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How Today’s Dads Can Save America’s Future

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Can father-centric solutions help pull America’s future away from the blink projections that currently face this nation’s children? The Get To The Point Panel talks with Lenny McAllister on “NightTalk: Get To The Point”.

PITTSBURGH (June 12, 2015) – The Get To The Point Panel talks with host Lenny McAllister on “NightTalk: Get To The Point” to discuss solutions involving the increased roles of fatherhood in the lives of more Americans during this segment on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel.

The GTTP Panel in this segment includes WPXI News Anchor David Johnson, community leader Malcolm Thomas, and Catholic activist Bill Telarico.

Check out this segment of the June 12 episode of “NightTalk: Get To The Point” by by clicking on the picture above or on this link HERE

Have We Minimized Fathers in Today’s America and Hurt Our Kids In the Process?

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Have the laws on the books stymied the impact that American fathers could have on American society today? Lenny McAllister tackles the issues during “NightTalk: Get To The Point”

PITTSBURGH (June 12, 2015) – Lenny McAllister uses his Starting Point commentary to start “NightTalk: Get To The Point” on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel to ask about the proper role of fathers in America today and if policies, social mores, and expectations have limited fathers’ effectiveness.

Check out this version of McAllister’s “Starting Point” by clicking on the picture above or on this link HERE

The Pittsburgh Cable News Channel airs on channel 35 on Comcast and on channel 9 on Verizon FIOS in the Pittsburgh television market, airing on over 850,000 households.


Tackling the War on Poverty (March 20, 2015)

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Despite 50 years of the “War on Poverty”, cycles of generational poverty still grip the United States and hold back its greatest potential.

PITTSBURGH (March 20, 2015): Host and commentator Lenny McAllister (NightTalk: Get To The Point) talks with the Get To The Point Panel about where the United States sits after 50 years of the “War on Poverty” on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel.


NightTalk: Get To The Point airs Friday nights at 8pm on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel (Comcast and FIOS)


You can view the segment by clicking HERE or by clicking the picture above.

“Black History Month 2015 Matters for American Greatness Tomorrow”

In Video on February 16, 2015 at 12:09 am
Harlem Renaissance Revisited

“If Black Lives Mattered in 2014, will Black Lives Prosper as a result in 2015? Will national protests over recent months lead to noteworthy progress in the days ahead? And will Black History Month be a springboard into historic moments or just a reflection of a proud past?”

PITTSBURGH, PA (February 13, 2015): “The first African-American professional basketball team was founded. It was call “The Renaissance”. Of course, there are other renaissances that we know of – the European Renaissance of the middle ages – the Harlem renaissance that impacted areas from Sugar Hill in New York City to Sugar Top here in Pittsburgh. I think that, now, we are at the beginning of a new renaissance in America…where 3 generations must come together in a vital partnership to combat long-standing issues of economic, educational, and employment inequalities while – at the same time – taking on the community struggles of broken families and neighborhood violence.”

Political and social commentator Lenny McAllister (Host, “NightTalk: Get to the Point”) uses his Starting Point commentary to spark the vision of a “new renaissance” of Black thought leadership, activism, and progress to being the February 13 episode of “Get To The Point” on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel.

A Black Renaissance is necessary for a truly resurgent America. Black history month 2015 must be the springboard. Do we love America enough to see the Americans on the other side of society’s worst statistics and end the obstacles that hold them – and all of us – back from greatness? Black history month is not just about blacks in history. For America’s sake, it must be about blacks making history, starting this month…”

The Starting Point commentary from the February 13 episode can be viewed by clicking the picture above or by clicking HERE


NightTalk: Get to the Point” is hosted by Lenny McAllister and airs on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel live on Friday nights at 8pm with an encore presentation on Mondays at 5pm.

PCNC can be seen in the Pittsburgh television market on Channel 35 on Comcast systems and Channel 9 on Verizon FIOS. It is the “sister-station” to NBC affiliate WPXI and broadcasts from WPXI-TV’s state-of-the-art studios. As the cable outlet of NBC affiliate WPXI, the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel reaches over 850,000 cable subscribers throughout Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia.

ICYMI: The 21st Century Model of Protests (News One Now – December 18)

In Video on January 5, 2015 at 11:19 am
NON - 6

Kansas City radio morning show host Kim Brown (Hot 103 Jamz) listens as media personality and community activist Lenny McAllister (Pittsburgh Cable News Channel / Newsradio 1020 KDKA) chimes in during “News One Now” with Roland Martin

Washington, DC (December 18, 2014): TV Host and veteran journalist Roland Martin (TV One) leads his News One Now panel in a discussion concerning the role and passion of modern-day protests. This episode’s panel includes media personality and political commentator Lenny McAllister (PCNC’s “NightTalk: Get to the Point” and Newsradio 1020 KDKA in Pittsburgh), radio show host Kim Brown, and think tank CEO Dr. Avis Jones-Deweever.


Watch the clip by clicking the picture above or clicking HERE

Never a Wasted Moment Nor a Lost Generation

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Those such as Dr. King came from humble beginnings and the toil of Jim Crow to create a new American reality. The same can occur with this generation of youth – even now.

NEW YORK CITY/ PITTSBURGH (July 31, 2014) – (Courtesy Global Grind)


“Earlier this week, I had a chance to be witness to something profound for both a family and for my hometown.


“It was humbling to see the City of Pittsburgh give a proclamation to one of the men that I looked up to and respected my whole life – Dr. Morris E. Turner, Sr. Sadly, it was given posthumously, accepted on his behalf by those that I have known from my earliest memories.


“And, yes, every exercise of recognition, condolence, or celebration that I watch them graciously accept hurts me deeply, seeing the pain of loss that they are dealing with. However, the one thing that keeps me without tears is knowing this: his life was a proclamation – one that is sorely needed as a resonating example in today’s Black America and throughout the nation.


“Dr. Turner – son of Barney, GA and a man that improved Pittsburgh – was a member of a “lost generation” of African-Americans. Yet, one look at what he did from such humble beginnings shows why we must forge on. As the kin of 20th century sharecroppers, he excelled in school past family poverty. As the victim of segregation, he entered college at a very early age, never acting as a “victim”. As a combatant against racism, he became a medical doctor, a professor, a small business owner, and a renowned member of his adoptive city when social mores frowned against this. As an American that Jim Crow cast aside as one of a “lost generation” of poor Black people from the rural south, he proudly and humbly found success and inspired thousands.


“Isn’t that the type of one-generational turnaround that we need in today’s urban America, particularly with many of our “lost generation” Black youth?”


Read this article in its entirety on Global

LISTEN: Get Right with Lenny McAllister (January 23, 2014)

In Audio on January 25, 2014 at 6:06 pm

Should American “puff puff pass” on President Obama’s “open-minded” perspective on marijuana usage?

WWW.LENNYMCALLISTER.COM (January 23, 2014) PODCAST TOPIC: Why “Mary Jane” isn’t the girl for your kid, despite the remarks from President Obama


Former WVON radio host, former congressional candidate, and nationally-respected political activist Lenny McAllister hosts today’s podcast of “Get Right with Lenny McAllister”.


Catch this version of Get Right with Lenny McAllister by clicking the hyperlink or the picture above.


“Power Moves and Political Positioning while Disregarding the Destitute” Featured on Global Grind

In Articles on October 31, 2013 at 2:11 pm

“Our continuing and shameful inability to maintain focus on the working class of America ferments into the stench of social upheaval, racial tensions, economic instability, and geopolitical descent that we experience currently… an increasing amount of Americans have become mostly irrelevant 23 out of 24 months every two years.”

NEW YORK CITY (October 31, 2013) –  “…All are talking about economic matters, freedom, safety, and furthering the American Dream. Yet, no one is directly speaking to America’s forgotten – the growing poor in this nation – again. As long as this continues, nothing that we can do in foreign policy matters, the health care sector, and political theory that will truly make America as strong as we should be. With all of the talk…the focus of America’s leadership at key levels continues to sidestep the wealth of potential, talent, and moxie that resides in the depths of America’s poorest communities. The greatness of the American Dream for generations lay in our ability as a nation to raise up a generation of historic doctors, scientists, civil rights leaders, business innovators, and teachers from the seed of custodians, ditch-diggers, maids, railroad porters, and dishwashers.”


Lenny McAllister (the “Working Man’s Conservative”), Republican strategist and pundit, and former congressional candidate, posts his latest article on Global Grind (


Read the whole article “Power Moves and Political Positioning while Disregarding the Destitute” on the Global Grind website founded by mogul Russell Simmons and run by activist Michael Skolnik.


Also catch the October 31 version of “Get Right with Lenny McAllister”.  Hear “The McAllister Minute” on the American Urban Radio Network, as the nationally-syndicated commentary is aired on over 400 stations throughout the AURN network.


Obama Brought Hope; Can Romney Bring Real Change for a Changing America in 2012?

In Articles on August 18, 2012 at 3:50 pm

For Mitt Romney to win in November and win back long-reaching American economic prosperity, his plan and rhetoric must actively and boldly embrace the socioeconomic diversity of our increasingly-urbanized nation.


One ticket brought hope to the working and middle classes of America in 2008. Can the Romney-Ryan ticket really articulate a vision of positive change in November 2012 for those same voters?


It has been one week since the announcement of Congressman Paul Ryan as the vice presidential nominee for the Republican Party. Since then, we have heard a lot about Ryan’s budget, Ryan’s voting record, and Ryan’s impact on the campaign trail.

If the Republicans are going to turn the tide of the recent poll numbers, the American people need to hear more about how Paul Ryan – and, in turn, the Romney-Ryan ticket – will be able to help the groups of citizens in most need of moving through the economic aftermath of the Great Recession.

The Romney-Ryan ticket could be seen as superior to the incumbent ticket regarding fiscal astuteness. Considering the combined expertise of the men involved, Romney and Ryan are commonly seen as respected numbers wonks, while Obama and Biden are seen more as expert politicians that excel with everyday Americans. Both ends of the Republican ticket regularly receive bipartisan kudos for their acumen concerning economic matters. This should play to Republicans’ advantage this fall. Of course, the results of the past four years that many Americans have endured under the Obama Administration (and a Democrat-controlled Congress for the first half of the presidential term) would seem to only reinforce the notion that there is a definite difference between the two tickets regarding economic understanding and influence.

Yet, none of that matters to date, as evidenced by recent polling. Further, it is unlikely that it will matter if the Romney-Ryan ticket is unable or unwilling to articulate an economic message that speaks directly to more of urban America, the youth of America, and the future of America.

From the ongoing battles with Governor Romney’s tax returns to the decades of Washington experience Congressman Ryan brings to the presidential ticket at age 42, the Republican ticket is already categorized as detached from modern, everyday America. The best way – and, perhaps, the only way – to create the necessary tie with these voters is through articulating clear, focused initiatives that are part of the Romney plan to bring America out of this crisis.

Can the Republican ticket describe a proposal where federal-state partnerships exist in low-business, high-risk areas so that low tax rates and stiffer criminal penalties can be brokered together to stimulate job growth in high unemployment areas? Can the Republican ticket offer support that ensures equality in hiring and wage practices without stifling job expansion?



Catch more of Lenny McAllister’s Obama/Biden Against Romney/Ryan: Hope vs. Change in 2012on Politic365

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